Wednesday, October 21, 2009

♥ T.O.T.M-W.Sally Hansen 'X-treme Wear in 'Flirt' - Long Lasting Polish!!!!!

EDIT; I have been wearing this for 14 days now....... with no top coat, and it still looks great.

This is a basic deep, purple shimmer.... whats super amazing & awesome about this Sally Hansen Extreme wear polish, is that I have been wearing this for 12 days, and I do not have one chip or any problems, just tip wear on my BIG toe from running on the treadmill...... and I did a terrible application job because of my inexperience with the weird wide brush, thick brush stem and stumpy handle. I was a little embarrassed to show this T.O.T.M-W. because of the awful application, but this polish kicks bunz!!!!!!! The formula is great,and it does not have a strong odor as I have used this inside and didn't really mind it.

I have recently seen this polish 'Flirt' manicure on someone else's blog and it looks beautiful as a mani, I do hope that I will get around to doing a mani with this and the gorgeous 'Lavender Envy' on top.Lavender Envy is a gorgeous Duo Chrome that I wasn't so sure about, but am glad I picked it up. Bottle photos are below

I have only picked up 2 of the Sally Hansen Extreme Wear polish's since they came out. This polish, 'Flirt' and another beautiful -must have- polish " Lavender Envy' { aint lavender ... up next or... eventually }. I hope it is not a 'fluke' that this polish 'Flirt' has an amazing formula, and the rest of polish's in the Extreme Wear collection are just blah. I don't think that I have ever painted my toe-nails, and had the polish last 12 days with very little problems. I did an awful job, and it will take a bit of practice using this new to me brush, stem, and handle, but I will definitely look into this Extreme wear line a bit more and add to my collection. I even used a cheap base coat from the .99 cent store in my town with this polish 'Flirt' = 12 days is a long a** time!

One thing I will add in the bottles defense, It is a smaller compact shape, 11.8 ml, this is a good thing pertaining to storage. Price wise, I think that these are regularly under $3.00 Canadian at most stores and that is a good thing too.

Of course I found these marked down and decided to try them out. While I am not on a stringent NO-BUY, I have sooooooooo many polish's sitting in my untried that it is a shame to keep adding to it and not having time to use them. As well, I have many many many deep purples and duo-chromes...... But it was for research..... so it's okay, Right?

~ Full Sunshine (thank goodness!!!!) ~

~ Full Sunshine (thank goodness!!!!) ~

~ Sunshine ~


Paige said...

You have nice toes; mine look like something out of a horror movie!

Nicole said...

Oh, I have this one! I might have been the one that posted it as a mani. I loved it! And I know I haven't used it on my toes all summer I've been wearing bright colors, I just wore my first dark polish this week on my toes in a while. :) It looks super cute on yours!

Lucy said...

Gorgeous pedicure! I love Xtreme Wear polishes. I just started buying them this summer. Nice quality and loads of great colors.