Sunday, October 25, 2009

♥ Midnight Madness Murder Mani ♥

 ~ Billie 'Claret' 2 coats & Sally Hansen 'Mocha Madness' 2 coats ~
~ this looks way more florescent Orange than it really is ~

I whipped up this mani late, late at night. I wasn't really sure how it would turn out - I think it turned out really neat. This is two coats of Billie 'Claret' ~ I was doing some experimenting with the polish's I have that look like blood.  I cut out the 'dripping' stencil from a mailing label and affixed it to my nails, then painted 2 thin coats of Sally Hansen 'Mocha Madness'

Now; I know that the 'Blood' is dripping from the direction of my cuticles. It grossed me out thinking I would have bloody nails... from someone or something else..... possibly clawing my way to bargains at a massive sale on nail polish. So I decided to have the 'blood' dripping away from my cuticles.

At the moment I am re-doing this mani to have the blood dripping towards my cuticles...... Ewww~ I'm not sure I can write "blood dripping" anymore, it's grossing me out! YUCK. I think it will look cooler to have the dripping towards my cuticles. When I did this last night I did not take photos of the process, or the little stencils I had made.. it's not hard at all & I think this will look cool with any contrasting colors.... At some point int he future I will do a solid black with neon green glitter for a toxic slime mani, that will look sooooo cool!
All my photos are indoors under florescent lighting and just plain indoor lighting.


Anonymous said...

Your nails turned out great!! I love Halloween.

Paige said...

That is awesome; I love this!

Shannon said...

That is so cool! Love it!

Mary said...

Love it, very creative!

awesomevegan said...

Very cool! Bring on the slime ones!!! I want to see them too :)

Lucy said...

Love this manicure. I wish you would show the stencils for this look. It's really amazing.

G. said...

Loving your blog! My gosh, there is so much inspiration here!! You are amazing!!

Thank you so much for putting me on your blog roll. I am so honored! I'm adding you to mine right away. :) xo