Saturday, October 24, 2009

♥ Sally Hansen - 'Cappuccino' ♥

~ Sally Hansen 'Cappuccino' 2 coats & 1 coat of ChG 'Fast Forward'
{ cloudy skies}

 This Sally Hansen polish 'Cappuccino' is from a collection of dark browns and soft taupe's... They all had chocolate and coffee themed names.... HERE is a blog post of the polish I have from this collection. I am missing two from the collection, a soft fawn color that I thought was yucky- but later found both swatched on THIS blog and think they are really pretty colors. I'm Sorry I didn't grab them too.

 Although it is hard to spot in some photos, there is a very pretty bronze/reddish shimmer in this polish, & is easy to pick out in the bottle ~ but I couldn't get a great photo of it on my nails.... These photos were all taken just as the sun was going down....  ( sundown @ 6.00 p.m. here, isn't that sad! ) So my skin looks very yellow... Bart Simpson yellow. Despite that, my photos in the shade with flash - I am very happy with.

Sally Hansen New Lengths Ceramics are easy to find here in Canada - they range form $2.95, and in some shops up to $5.95... seriously.... in my town some things are so overpriced it is really strange. But when people pay that price they set the bar for what the price will be....  Here is a million photos... my dreams of implementing a 'Read More' feature are dead - I give up.

~ Sunshine ~

~ Sunshine ~

~ Shade w/Flash ~

 ~ Indoors  ~

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Paige said...

That is a nice brown on you!