Wednesday, October 28, 2009


A very simple mani ~ I started with a white base, applied 1 coat of T.C. & let dry thoroughly, applied jagged 'teeth' stickers that I cut out, applied black polish = let dry then removed stickers, buffed out any raised areas and applied 2 coats of T.C. I wasn't going for a 'Vampire' look, more of a jagged monster teeth look. But~ I am likely going to do just 2 fangs for my next 'Halloween look' . While my symmetry & placement needs a little work, I think this looks pretty cool for the first time trying this!

I totally did not want to take off my 'Toxic Waste Mani'... that was soooooo cool!

Each one of my nails is different I have never done this before and was doing a little experimenting for the future. I made sure that the 'teeth-stickers' would fit across the width of my nails. I will be applying a Top Coat over my base color, anytime in the future that I decide to do any nail art like this......

Ideally droplets of blood on the 'fangs' would take this over the top - but I aint gonna do that. Below are the steps to doing this... your imagination is the limit with these types of nail art. I Love, LOVE, LOOOOOVE all the awesome Halloween nail art I have seen over the last few days! Soooooo coooool!

~ I cut out scary sharp teeth from mailing labels, wide enough to fit across my nails ~

~ applied 'teeth-stickers' to clean dry nails ~

~ Applied 2 THIN coats of black nail polish ~

~ Super-close-up - let nails dry thoroughly before removing stickers ~

 ~ Below -  Flash ~

polish's I used,

Sally Hansen M.G. - 'Pure White'
Sally Hansen N.L. -Ceramics 'Raven
 Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat


Paige said...

Ahhhh!!!! Your nails are going to eat me! Inall seriousness though, I love this!

Lucy said...

Fantastic! This is really an awesome looking manicure. Looks just like monster teeth!

chocaddict said...

Wow! you have been really inspired lately with all those cool scary manis. I like this one as well, reminds me a little of KISS makeup ^^

Amabile said...

You are so creative!! And I have to agree with chocaddict, I thought of KISS too when I saw this manicure :-)

Janice said...

thats such a great idea, i lovee it !