Tuesday, October 20, 2009

♥ Pure Ice - 'Iced Merlot' ♥

~ Pure Ice - 'Iced Merlot' 2 coats ~
This has been on my desktop waiting to be blogged. I am a busy chick lately, doing Halloween & X-mas crafts with my spare time, and so I haven't devoted alot of attention to blogs & such ( Sorry ) I have quite a few backed up posts & photos....... and I am gonna work on getting them out there this weekend.

Pure Ice 'Iced Merlot' is a gorgeous glass flecked polish that does not have the notoriety it deserves. It is an in-expensive polish that can be found in Walmart U.S.A. for $2.00, it applies well, dries fast and like all pure Ice Polish's = it's sooooooo beautiful! I have not seen one polish from the brand Pure Ice that I would not buy. In fact my next Bizznezz trip into the U.S. will include buying as many of these as I can.

This is 2 coats & 1 coat Nailene Acrylic Strong Top coat. I do not have many photos of ' Iced Merlot' in the shade, but this polish was very shiny and the glass flecked-ness was very apparent in low lighting. Does anyone know of any other Pure Ice Polish's with this lovely finish, I would love to have these readily available in Canada for the same low price. Literally, almost everything that is at Walmart's U.S.A. = is $0 .57 cents more here in Canada... whats up with that. It costs exactly .57 cents to drive a tiny bottle of nail polish 2 extra hours into Canada? Mmmmmmmm hummmmm...... Should be interesting to see how things will be as the U.S. & Canadian dollar is at par once again. But mostly I am just complaining because I do not have immediate satisfaction in regards to walking into a store, any store and finding these......


Paige said...

That is a nice red, I like it on you! :)

Lucy said...

Pure Ice has some really lovely colors. That's a lovely color on you. I've never used this brand of polish. I wanted to order some polishes online but none of these are available. Only Hard Candy is online. How annoying that they show all the polishes and you can't order them..