Tuesday, September 1, 2009

♥ Arissa 'Rock'in Amethyst' & 'My Favirote Red'

Well, these polish's turned out pretty good, they are very pigmented, only requiring 2 coats & they dried fast. Here they are pictured with 2 coats of a shiny top coat. I found these at Family Dollar Discount store in Grand Forks North Dakota while on a Bizznezz trip. They were $2.oo each USD. They had a few other pretty colors but I wanted to try these two out first before I picked up any more. The purple, "Rock'in Amethyst" is a glass-flecked polish that is very, very pretty. I will do a comparison with China Glaze grape Juice as soon as my battery charges. The other polish, "My Favirote Red" is a lovely red shimmer that has a hypnotizing 'lit-from within' finish.

On the swatches = Right to Left = the first nail has 2 coats of a black polish, and then two coats of Arissa "Rock'in Amethyst". The middle nail has 2 coats of just "Rock'in Amethyst", and the last nail is 2 coats of "My Favorite Red", all nails on my super-duper-awesome-nail-swatch have 2 coats of Billie "Clear" as a top coat.

~ Shade ~


Paige said...

I love how these polishes swatch, they look so pretty! I also love the shape of the bottles!

Lucy said...

These are both lovely colors. Layered over black and it's even better. Gorgeous shade.