Friday, September 4, 2009

♥ Billie 'Electric Coral' ♥

~ Above - Outdoors - Sun ~

Frigg-Digitty - this was tough one to photograph....The best photos are the three below with my hand raised to the ceiling.... Dang orange is a tough one to capture. Any-hoo, this is Billie Cosmetics Electric Coral, from the Electric Shimmer line.... These "Billie" polish's are available at Dollar Giant in Canada, and a few shops in the U.S.A. HERE is a post I did a while back about where these can be found, and bottle photos of the rest of the Electric Shimmers form Billie Cosmetics. Also when I visit Dollar shops and discount shops, I ask which companies they get their merchandise from so i can look the companies up on the internet and see what sort of products they offer. It is shocking to know that these distributors don't always seek out stores and people to sell / wholesale their products to.

Here is the rest of the photos.... I am embarking on a major posting marathon this evening (woo-hoo Friday Night!!!!) I am a little overwhelmed of the things aI have ready to post and want to post So I am parking my bunz in front of the computer and blogging away!

~ Below - Indoors ~

~ Below - Indoors ~

~ Below - Indoors ~


Inbal said...

this looks so cool! fun color :-)

rijaH said...

Thats such a nice bright color :D Im jealous :P

Nicole said...

That's such a hot color! I love it. Really it's mesmerizing!

Paige said...

Wow, that is bright, I love it!