Thursday, September 10, 2009

♥ Billie -'Electric Pink' ♥

~ Above - Shade ~

~ Pictured Billie 'Electric Pink' & Billie 'Electric Fuchsia' ~

Photos indoors under fluorescent lighting are the most accurate photos of this polish. These Florescent & Neon Polish are way easier to photograph when { if & when }they are matte and in the shade or indoors.- I have decided that I will not drive myslef nutz trying to get quality photos in the sun of bright colors such as this.....Especially with a shiny reflective top coat. This is the 'Electric Pink' form the Billie Electric Shimmers collection.....a very bright polish. Basically I think these are just the Billie 'Neon 2' collection ( seen HERE ) with some blurple Shimmer thrown in to jazz them up. But I ain't complaining,.... I love these Billie Polish's and am always delighted when they get a new shipment at one of my favorite discount stores in my town.

Anyhoo- here is 1 million photos, 3 coats ( surprise!!!... I thought this would be 4 or 5 ) no top coat. I plan on doing some 'nail art' soon.

~ Indoor Fluorescent Lighting ~


Paige said...

I can't even imagine this color in sunlight; it would be blinding! It is very pretty though!

Enamored Enamel said...

nice color, great nails

MightyLambchop said...

I'm not a fan of pink but that is awesome. Love all of your Billies!

clockwork said...

Wow that is a violent pink, I quite like it!

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous neons!!! I think you capture the color well, although I haven't seen it in person it wows me!!!! You've got beautiful nails girl!

Lucy said...

What gorgeous colors on your nails. Love them both. Billie polishes are just gorgeous.