Monday, September 21, 2009

Pure Ice 'Oh Baby' & Black French Tip

NEED MORE TIME! My goodness, it has been 8 days since I have posted anything, I have been the busiest girl, and am already 4 days behind reading my beauty blogs and catching up on You Tube videos. My hand modeling has been on hiatus due to all the cuts and scratches I have from my fall-time crafts! Today I am wearing Pure Ice 'Oh Baby' with a French tip in black.

I started with 2 coats of an opaque peach color polish and followed with 2 coats of Pure Ice 'Oh Baby' and waited for it to dry. I had originally planned to use some nail stickers with Pure Ice 'Oh Baby' = But I am loving the Black French Tip right now, so I ended up adding it the Black tip....... I then applied tip guides, added the quick drying Nailene French Tip Pen in black, waited for that to dry ( like 5 min ) and then removed guides & applied 1 more coat of Pure Ice 'Oh Baby' then applied 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat ( holy cow that was 6 coats! ) That is a little overboard, and I do not recommended 6 coats of anything, anytime.

I have to add that The Nailene 'Acrylic Strong' Top coat, dries as well as China Glaze Fast Forward, does not smell as bad, and so far does not have the little stringy gloopy-ness that My beloved ChG Fast Forward has.
~ Shade ~
~Pure Ice 'Oh Baby' layered over a opaque peachy polish~

~ Shade ~

- I know this is a horrible fuzzy photo -However this is the tip of the Nailene French Tip Pen. It is like a felt marker - it applies amazingly and dries in less than 5 - you must use a top coat over this. Tip guides are optional, as this is easy to control, but I happen to be a 'klutz' and strive to do things the safe way♥

~ Shade ~

~ Evening Sun ~

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Paige said...

I love the black tips!

Lucy said...

That's a really pretty black French manicure. Love it! Six coats, can you lift your fingers?

AllYouDesire said...

OMG! This is such a pretty french mani! I wish I could do something similar, but i don´t have the patience for this. Guess I will just have to look at your pictures.

Unknown said...

I let my sister talk me into getting acrylic nails and now I have no nails at all. They damaged my finger nails really bad. I bought all the colors Pure Ice made and I won't be able to use them for months. So you have to have pretty nails for the both of us. This look is so pretty.

Anonymous said...

oh oh oh i love this !!