Saturday, September 12, 2009

♥ Black Tips - French Manicure week @ Deez-Nailz ♥

I need color - I had to switch it up a little and do a black tip for French Manicure week @ Deez-Nailz! How many hours before "I glitter this up"?

Here is what I think is an awesome french mani pen, in black. These are not like the Nicole's 'Nic's Sticks' or the Sally Hansen polish pens, those have actual bristle brushes. I was hoping that the Sally Hansen polish pens, and the Nick's sticks would have this type of applicator. OH WELL! I was happy to come across this, because those were really hard to use. This French Tip Pen- is more like what you would find on a highlighter marker, it is stiff, and delivers the right amount of color, and very easy to control. The formula is thinner and so it is easier to maneuver. Of course you don't have to use nail tip guides, but I wanted to. A few swipes across the tip was all it took, and due to the stiffness of the pen it was easy to get into any areas I missed (tiny bits on the corner of my nails.)

For this mani - I started with 2 coats of a opaque Billie peachy-pink color (no real name), and waited for that to dry completely. I applied the French Tip Guides and used the Nailene Black French Tip pen on the tips of my nails. This dried pretty fast, and after drying completely and removing my tip guides, I applied 2 coats of Top Coat - Viola!

While I still look a little pale in these indoor photos ( I am IRL) - I find using a NAVY background, {jeans here} and keeping all white objects out of my indoor photos will keep everything looking pretty realistic, with no weird colors/shades. It is only 6:45 here in central Canada - and the sun has already disappeared... how sad is that? So I need to step up my indoor photo taking. I spent a little time looking into why some things photograph perfectly normal, and somethings ( like purples ) photograph a completely different color than they are in reality.

If you are starting with bare nails, but be sure to apply a clear or translucent base coat before you start. I only needed to do one "application" of this black French Tip Pen, and fixed any mistakes easily..... The French Tip Guides are not necessary = You can go for it free hand, as this is very easy to clean up if needed.

~ What I used for this mani ~

~ Shade ~
~ Shade ~
~ Shade ~
~ Shade ~


Paige said...

This is a super cute reverse french!

ThRiSzHa said...

wow!! this is very nice.. i have a french tip pen but it color black.. im always looking for other nail tip pen & then i found u have black.. this is so nice love it... does nailene have another nail tip pen color?

rijaH said...

I tried those strips thingys with normal polish but it doenst work very good.. so im just staying away from the french :P

Tiffany ツ said...

i loooove black tips... i ususally do it when i need something to put on between trying to come up with new nail art... but reallllly nice job!

Definitely Addicted said...

I really like that mani!