Friday, September 4, 2009

♥ Hazordous Nail Polish ♥

~Iced Merlot, Busted, Strapless, Oh Baby & Cheat'in ~

.... Hazardous , meaning that if you wear Pure Ice 'Strapless (blue glitter ) or 'Cheat'in' ( purple/pinky glitter, you will be staring at your nails alllllll day! And that will be dangerous.

Wow - this post is totally overkill, but I am so impressed with the quality of these $2 dollar nail polish's by Pure Ice, that I had to post most of the photo's I took. I have seen, Cheat'in, Busted, Strapless and Oh Baby swatched and absolutely loved them, but in person they are something else. I am sad that we do not have these at drug stores and at Walmart here in Canada.... What's up with that?

There is like, 30 photos in this post...... but I wanted to have these on here in case someone is considering picking these polish up... DO-IT!!! I am a total enabler and I apologize, that is soooo wrong, but the formula, price and quality of this product are superb. I have posted a million beautiful photos of Cheat'in and Strapless towards the end of this blog post..... It hurt to delete the 'Bad' photos..... they are both just gorgeous.

All my nail swatches are 2 coats with a shiny topcoat , however all 5 of these could easily be 1 coat and be beautiful. Cheat'in and Strapless, are amazing, I hope that there are more densely packed glitters like this from Pure Ice; available locally and easily for nail polish lovers in the future

~Iced Merlot, Busted, Cheat'in, Oh Baby & Strapless~
~ all in the sunshine ~


Lucy said...

Those are amazing shimmers and glitters. I wish I could see them on your nails. They are really beautiful.

Angie | said...

i loveeee pure ice :) i see you're really into glitters and dark blues