Friday, September 4, 2009

♥Bargain Haul - Remember these? ♥

~ Above Shade ~

Left to Right
= Cotton Candy -( smells more like marshmellows)
= Strawberry Kiss ( smells like cheap gum)
= Latte Fun ( again marshmellows)
= Golden Honey ( time has not been kind to this scent but it looks great frankend)
= Cinnamon Sugar (YUM- still smells like cinnimon { i had this a long, long time ago })

Yippee- more materials for frankens found locally! Hope these pretty girl-ey colors hold up well when I mix them up. I found these at a local discount store in my town for $0.50 cents each Canadian, and will incorporate them into some frankeing in the near future.

I am not too concerned with their scent and more interested in their franken-ability....... however how come their is no cinnamon scented nail polish yet? I think that would be a nice one. I bought two of the "Cinnamon" scented pigments, I need to jazz up some really ridiculously dark polish I have and think this will do the trick..

Onto the bargains......Seriously I should just become a professional bargain make-up/nail polish hunter already..... I am beyond pleased at all my 'luck' at finding cheap-cheap-cheap goodies. The Bonne Bell " SWEET SCENTED POWDERS' say they are for face and body. The GLIMMER LIGHTS ILLUMINATING SHIMMER POWDER is a shimmery body powder, the purple-ey one, 'Lilac Dream' has flecks of, flecks of...... flecks of something similar in shape to the glass flecked polish of C.G., while the 'Iridescence Innocence is just a plain shimmery body powder, both are lightly scented.

I have included some swatches, just for funz and a neat video of the shimmery-ness. I love all the videos on Polish or Perish posted by "Flinty" of the glitter polish being modeled. So while I don't want to be a total copy cat, I do hope to make my own glittery nail polish video the next time I wear glittery nail polish. I think that those mini-videos of glittery goodness on Polish or Perish is posting are sooo neat!

Any hoo- I also must mention that there were price stickers on the backs of some of these from a drug store in the U.S.A. for a store called "Meijers" for $3.99... I am not sure how these ended up in Canada.... but hey - for fifty cents I shouldn't ask those questions and just enjoy my super-duper cheap franken polish materials..... I hope to get posts up of whatever I make as soon as possible.

~ Below - In the shade with Flash ~

Iridescent Innocence
Lilac Dream
Cotton Candy
Strawberry Kiss
Latte Fun
Golden Honey
Cinnamon Sugar

~ Yeaaaaaah =====Fiddy cents each!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

Whaaaaat 4 fifty? ( these were 'expensive' in Canada in the olden days...... and they were really grainy/ rough) I wonder how they ended all the way up here......
Also - I have to add...... that I excel more at nails & nail polish modeling than swatching pigments & make-up..... but I wanted to try and get a video of this... I think it looks pretty cool! There is some setting on my camera that takes better video = but I am not sure yet what that is.... I have just recently gotten the hang of different photo taking techniques, and hopefully this video comes across okay.♥


chocaddict said...

Yep I totally agree with you, you should become a professional bargain hunter! These look great, I am looking forward to seeing them used in one of your frankens :)

Lucy said...

Can't wait to see what they look like. I hope they still have a fragrance. You are a great bargain hunter! Pretty good deals.

Anonymous said...

So I found these babies at Dollarama...though for a dollar, and not your awesomeness of 50 cents each! lol
Anyway I picked up The Sugar one, and the Cotton Candy one.
I bought them with the purpose of pigmenting the glimmer glosses from Revlon, seeing as I have a crap load of them.
Anyway they smell nice, but too bad they are stuffed with Parabens...otherwise I would have gone to town on them :P

Julie said...

I've been looking for these body shimmers for years. I absolutely love them, but for make up purposes. Rasilla got them at dollarama, but I've never seen them there. I'll definitely have to go back, but has anybody seen them elsewhere? I'm in Calgary btw.