Wednesday, September 30, 2009

♥ 'Airy Azure' GOOD - Franken ♥

~ Franken 'Airy Azure GOOD' 2 coats ~

Here is one of my latest Frankens from my 'GOOD vs. EVIL' Collection. 'Airy Azure - GOOD', it is a very pretty, light-light Robbin's egg blue. I looooove this color, ( I say that about everything ) I am elated that this polish turned out so well, and will definitely be wearing this often. It's perfect for my TOEZ♥. I started with a half of a bottle of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails - NUDE ( a clear ), and added 1 gram of Loreal Shimmering Loose Powder in 'Airy Azure', 2 Ballz and shook it up. Viola - I will hunt around for another polish to compare this to.

~ 'Airy Azure GOOD' -Shade ~

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Paige said...

Ooooo, I love this one!