Tuesday, September 1, 2009

♥ Billie 'Electric Blue' ♥

~ Billie 'Electric Blue' 2 coats and 2 coats of T.C. ~

♥ NOTE: Under my free edge of my pinky-nail I have used a pure white polish, hoping that it would... it would.... well I really don't know what I was expecting it would do, I just need to paint underneath the free edge of my nails and this did not work out. It actually created a greenish hue to the free edge of my pinky. This is a good indication of how sheer some of these "Electric Shimmers" are. I still like it - most sheer polish I have used and disliked were always pinky/peach sheers and super-duper streaky.... they did not do it for me, so I will be hunting for more blue & green sheer polish ( any brand ) in the future

The subtle blurple shimmer is barely showing up in the photos, it is very evident in person and in the photos of the actual bottels = but I cannot get it on camera. This is 4 coats with 2 coats of T.C. But they dry fast they, have low odor and are $.99 cents at a lovely bargain store in my town so I ain't gonna complain. If you happen to live in Canada and find these at your local discount store = these are designed to be sheer - they require between 4 and 5 coats to get to bottle color and of course need a Top Coat because they dry to a satin finish. I have done some experimenting and they are good for layering. They do not seem to have the 'streak-eee-ness, that most sheer polish's I have used do.

I had hoped that I would get through all of these "Billie Cosmetics Electric Shimmer" polish's before I went on my Bizznezz trip. So this evening I will devote to a "swatch fest" so I can get to my new goodies..... My U.S.A. polish HAUL!!!!!!!!!

~ Sunshine ~

~ Shade with Flash ~


nihrida said...

Your nails are pure perfection!

Paige said...

I really envy your nails! They are so long and perfect!

Lucy said...

Another gorgeous Billie polish. They have the best color selection! Looks lovely on you. I really like this blue.

nivipa said...

What a pretty blue!