Monday, September 28, 2009

♥French Mani week @ Deez-Nailz = 9 coats♥

3 coats of white- 4 coats of the shimmery pink color and 2 coats of clear top coat.. everything was going well, drying time was satisfactory I took time to have the polish dry between layers. I applied my final layer of top coat and then I carelessly LAID MY HAND = NAILS SIDE DOWN= ON THE CONCRETE STEPS I WAS SITTING ON!!!!! I was sooooo cautious and careful - but i totally marred my mani! UGH! I had hoped that I could pull this 9 layers of polish off, and everything was going great.... Normally I would never use more than 4 layers of polish, including top coat, but I really, really wanted to see how this would turn out♥ Untill I began looking at blogs and NailGal I never really appreciated how beautiful multi-layered mani's and 'jelly' finish polish's can be.

Anyhoo- here's what I did -

~ 3 coats white
~ 4 coats shimmery pink color
~ 2 coats Nailene Top Coat
= 9 Coats of polish - Deez Nail Most Coats ever!!!!!!!

I was really miffed when I messed this up!

But= in situations like this, nail stickers come in handy. I overdid it on the thumb, I admit, but these cute flowers are so lovely, I couldn't stop! Nailene has been kind to me, and sent some goodies to try out. Most of the stickers in this set will look great over dark polish. Nail stickers have certainly become alot more intricate over the years I absolutely loooove the teeny-tiny 'rhinestone' dots pictured in the upper left hand corner below, while they appear minuscule; they were very easy to work with, and will look great with a darker polish on a future mani.

~ Below Shade ~

~ Shade ~

~ Shade w/Fash ~

~ Indoors ~
~ Looooooove 'the Claw' pose ~

~ Indoors fluorescent Lighting ~

~ Indoors fluorescent Lighting ~

~ Shade ~
~ Shade ~
~ Shade ~

~ Indoors fluorescent Lighting ~

~ Indoors fluorescent Lighting ~

~ Shade ~
~ Sun/Shade ~


Paige said...

This is really cute!!!

Lucy said...

Very pretty. 9 layers of polish, my goodness it's a wonder it dried! The nail stickers are really pretty. So many amazing types and they look easier to apply.

Selina said...

Oh I feel your pain! So many times I've done the perfect mani and then carelessly smudged it on something. OR, I've just done a beautiful mani and then have an urgent need to pee! And of course I'll be wearing jeans. *sigh* There is no way in the known universe to undo the fly on jeans without smudging polish. In fact when I did my friend's nails the other day I actually had to do her zip for her!