Friday, September 11, 2009

♥ French Mani 'Week' @ Deez Nailz ♥

Since fall-time is around the corner and I have soooo many beautiful copper/brown and orange-ish polish's for Autumn to wear, I am going to focus on french manicure's for the next week or so. I am exited to get started on my fall/Christmas crafts and sewing , and am forgoing my long beautiful trophy-wife nails and switched to 'shorties' until I am finished with all the projects I have in store.

Today I am wearing 4 coats of Nailene French Manicure 'shimmery buff-pink' colored polish - I made that name up. When the base polish was fully dried, I applied the french tip guides, which were easily re-positionable when necessary, and applied 2 coats of the white to the tips of my nail, let dry, then removed tip guides and followed with 2 coats of Nailene Acrylic strong..... Viola. ♥ Easy as pie ♥. Normally I would only use 2 coats of any polish that is supposed to be sheer, but I like my french mani's base to have a more opaque look.... ( I know.. I know....)

This french Manicure white tip polish has a thinner brush for more precise application = The Buff color has a normal sized brush, don't worry!= I did not have any problems in the past with the application with applying the white french tip polish with a normal sized brush so I wonder why they changed it? I like to paint my base shade first, then do the white tip because I love a stark white tip, however this is the opposite of the instructions on the box. Later this week I will paint my tips with the white - then followed by the 'base' color. I think that this 'shimmery buff-pink' shade will create a beautiful color when layered over the white tip polish. I will be doing french mani's all week and plan to do it the other way around as well. (meaning - follow the instructions on the box.....)

When I woke up this morning, and I saw how gloomy and rainy it was outside, I had to add some glitter to this to cheer myself up ( I couldn't resist ). But I did forgot to snap a photo of my finished mani without the glitter! Dang. The sun goes down much sooner these days, and I lost my opportunity to get good photos of this French Mani in the sunshine.

A huuuuuge plus I must mention, again, is I am pleased to see that the tip guides are easily re-positional and left very little residue... if there was any bits of glue residue left after removal of the tip guide, it came off easily. I had purchased some tip guides last fall and they left alot to be desired, I wish I hung onto them to do a comparison (I passed them along to someone else = oops) Maybe I have had bad luck with tip-guides, but I seem to remember this happening quite often when I would purchase tip-guides.

Anyhoo - I have included some great photos of just the buff shade that comes with Nailene's French Manicure kit, and their new smaller sized brush for the White Tip Polish, and a few indoor photos of these tip guides in action. Taking a photo of the French Manicure set BOX was soooooo difficult, I took 26 photos and only one came out right.. Strange

~ Fluorescent Lighting ~

~ Indoors w/flash~
~ The MOST difficult photo I have ever taken ~

~ Indoors ~

~ Indoors ~
~ Indoors ~

~ Shade - a photo of the thinner Nailene Brush~

~ Close-up w/flash ~

~ 4 coats of Nailene Shimmery Buff Pink color ~

~ Shade ~

~ Sunshine ~

~ Shade ~

~ Shade ~

~ Shade ~

~ Shade w/Flash ~

~ Shade ~

~ Shade ~

~ Indoors ~

♥ These 'shorties' are sooooooo cute ♥
♥ compared to my regular falsies ♥


Anonymous said...

Love those nails and I like teh glitter white tips!

Nicole said...

Oooh, those are SO pretty! Great job!

AllYouDesire said...

Your tips look like covered with sugar, I like it very much! :)

Lucy said...

Very pretty. I like the glitter tips. I don't really care for the stark white square tips that are long. These look more realistic and pretty.

Paige said...

Very pretty, I love the sparkle factor!