Wednesday, September 2, 2009

L.A. Colors - 'Topaz', 'Lollipop', & 'Copper'

 above; LA Colors Copper

LA Colors Topaz

LA Colors Copper

LA Colors Topaz

Here is another quickie post - I have 96 polish's { & more, I'm sure } that I have not worn yet....... I may have swatched them but have not actually worn them.........good grief, I am trying to do swatches of polish that I have not seen swatched on the blogs or nail gal yet.... If you happen to have any of these L.A. Colors that I do not, please do a little swatch as I would love to see what they look like. These polish applied well, dried quickly and had no application issues. I was not expecting much as I have never tried this brand before, but for a buck I thought, why not?

L.A. Colors "Topaz" is a light light topaz color, They got the names bang-on with these three Here is the actual gem Topaz.......The middle polish " Lollipop" is peppy fuchsia/pink with gorgeous shimmer I am impressed and surprised with L.A. Colors "Copper", I thought it would be a boring coppery shimmer, but it actually flashes a really cool red/copper color - NEAT!!!!!I think they did a great job with these three polish's, I found these at Family Dollar in Grand Forks North Dakota, for $1.00 each. I am happy with the naming of these as they seem to have a "nail polish Name-er" who has their thinking cap on. I am looking forward to picking up a few more of these; I must add they are very sheer but had no streak-i-ness and will look great over black or other richly colors polish's for layering { photo's of that layering ..... coming........ eventually} . I also found that they did not have a strong odor.

 I am avoiding indoor photos at the moment, I find ( as always) that outdoor photos really capture all the beauty of polish finishes and colors.


AllYouDesire said...

Lollipop is beautiful! Will have to try this brand :)

Paige said...

Lollipop is my favorite of these!

Lucy said...

All three are lovely colors. I'm loving Copper. I don't think I've ever seen these swatched. Nice that you found these at Family Dollar. Hope you find more of what you want.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I have an L.A. Colors post coming soon with six polishes! Lollipop, Copper, Pink Sizzle, Party Pink, Nectar and somethign else I totally forget the name of LOL I also swatched a couple lip glosses! I really like their formula, I'm happy with my purchases like you are!!! For $1, you can't beat it!

flinty said...

I just ordered some LA Colors polishes! Here's hoping that they turn out alright, since I've never used the brand before!

Unknown said...

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