Friday, September 11, 2009

♥ 10 Random Things ♥

So ~ I got nominated to do a 10 random facts thing by Dee's Stuff, ( thanks Dee) so here goes. If you haven't been tagged, or nominated or whatever you should just whip one up.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

1} I have kept every card from B-day's to X-mas, and the gift tags with my name on it, from any gift I have ever received, EVER.

2} I am addicted to..... Closet Porn.....I love organized spaces and often visit closet company websites, I have a huge stack of brochures, and save some photos people post on Rate My Space HGTV, real estate sites and photos that I find on Google images. Is that Creepy? Me saving Photo's of someone else's closet...... Maybe even yours?

3} I have never broken any of my bones, and have had only 1 nose bleed my entire life. And that was due to a faulty heat exchange unit. I put alot of love and effort into keeping myself healthy.

4} I wish I had more time to comment on other peoples blogs and posts. Since finding blogs and videos on you-tube, almost all of my internet time is spent reading and watching videos on make-up and nail stuff. I have learned sooooo much in this little while and am grateful that this medium exists and I found it. I love, love, love haul posts and videos.

5} I have long vivid dreams about nail polish and make-up. Much better than the subjects I usually dream about = zombies and me as a flying ninja. I still have those types of dreams occasionally, but I find I am sleeping much more peacefully and am more relaxed since I started getting my blog on.

6} I eat hash browns and egg sandwiches every day... every single day for more than 13 years. EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!

7} Techno and Industrial music relaxes me, it mellows me right out.= physically and mentally.

8} I strive to use language - when necessary that is the reverse of what a female derogatory statement or comment would be. I have always taken the defensive stance when a person makes a defamatory or derogatory comment about any chick, even if I do not know her or will likely never meet her. I have gotten myself into alot of trouble with this. But the trashing of other women= that's all gotta stop. I am a huge fan in helping others and the golden rule.

9} My elementary school nick-name was "Danielle the Dancing Dog" I do not know why kids called me that then. And I do not know why now. it just stuck ( for like 5 months ) I wasn't hurt by it, and it didn't crush my spirit or anything, it was just a dumb nickname.

10} I do, and I want to, spend every moment I can with my partner. There is nothing else I want to do, or could do, that is more fun and enjoyable than hanging out with him.

~ and that's That ~

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Lucy said...

Number 10 is one of the sweetest things I've read in awhile. Good for you for sticking up for all women. It's a very noble thing to do. Just pick your battles carefully so you don't get hurt. You must have a ton of cards. I lost the majority of mine from mold. I left loads of stuff in the attic of my old home, which then became my brothers. No heat, leaking roof and mold. I got rid of many cards because I just don't have all the room. Thanks for answering this tag. I love getting to know you more.