Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nailene 'So Real'

~ Nailene -So Real Nails-77359 ~

Oh- My-Gosh - These Nailene 'So Real' nails, are so lovely. This is the first time ever in my history of false-nail wearing that I only had to file 1 nail to fit the curve of the base of my nail bed. Most pre-painted acrylic nails I have come across needed quite a bit of filing to become the most proper shape of the squared-oval shaped base of my nail-bed. I do not mind doing a little bit of filing, I have always had to so it's not a big deal anymore - I am just so amazed that I had to do practically none with these. I know I am not the only person out there who will appreciate this more 'squared' base. There are 2 very wide thumb nail sizes as well, this is also a first for me; I used the second largest thumb nail size ( of 12 sizes) in a pre painted set.......

These Nialene 'So Real' nails have a beautiful shimmery buff base with a full curved french tip. As soon as I see sunshine I am gonna run outside to snap some photos of these beauties. These are the perfect length for someone who is busy and always doing something with her hands, like me. My DH even mentioned that he likes this shorter, more practical and " functional" length french mani then the longer french mani nails I usually wear. ( I like them both ) While these are alot more opaque than most other pre painted French-Mani false nails available on the market, they are still somewhat translucent, but bubbles are alot less noticeable with these The shimmery buff base color will hide any little bubbels that may be present. = that is awesome!

So here is a quick breakdown of what I about these and my opinion....

12 Sizes with wiiiiiiiide Thumbs for girls like me... with wide thumbs = Very nice

The shimmery buff finish is really beautiful
- I am waiting for some sunshine to get some great photos

The base of the nail is much more squared then other nails I have used in the past, as well, the nail tip is a well-shaped squoval. Love it.

They are less translucent than most pre-painted french false nails

Easy to apply and comes with a pink tinted glue & with an awesome file that gets through false nails quickly.

Inexpensive - in Canada between $7 to $10 and readily available at Department stores and Pharmacies.

The only negative thing I can add is that I wish they were 10% to 25% more opaque. The translucency is what helps them to appear real and natural looking, by allowing your natural skin color to show through. When bubbles do appear, no one can see them unless they are within 6 inches of your nails, and how many times does that happen..... likely not very often. So that really isn't a valid complaint.

In my opinion Yes I will wear these again in the future. I once made a huge mistake getting looooong, beautiful french-mani gel nails put on for a busy family function..... = totally impractical. These would be perfect for any occasion and are definitely work appropriate... I love that shimmer.

In my photos below and above, I am holding Nailene 'Acrylic Strong Top Coat' I am trying to use props that are un-reflective to reduce camera flash flare. I am happy to add that the Acrylic Strong Top Coat, has a very low odor, dries fast and is very, very shiny. ( I am not wearing it in the photos... FYI) I am going to put it up against CG Fast Forward in a future post. It is already ahead with it's low odor...... stay tuned.

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Mary said...

Those are so pretty! They look really nice, I'd definitely wear something like that :)

Anonymous said...

Hi....My name is Sherry...

I found your message through Google Alerts for Acrylic and Gel Nails...

I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading your report on your blog about using artificial nails...!

I've been doing the same thing, with occationally buffing the artificial nail after I glue it on, and using two apps of the Acrylic Dip Powder method, cause I still want the added strength for the tips so they'll last longer at work..Then I'd just buff it all so that it all is glass smooth, and add one top coat.... I absolutely Love the look I can achieve without having to go to a salon...Besides too, I Love to experiment with the Broadway and Kiss products, and I have the freedom to do whatever I want when I want without having to worry about the cost of a salon...

Many Thanks for sharing your experience with us..!


Paige said...

Those look awesome!!!

Lucy said...

I never like French manicures. What's the matter with me? I love these. They really look like natural nails. Maybe because they aren't those square white tipped claws. Very nice tips on them.

Anonymous said...

These look lovely on you! It sounds like you've found a great product that works for you! yay! Question - is that acrylic strong top coat hard to remove? It's not actual acrylic, right?!

clockwork said...

These look really great, good length as well.