Monday, August 10, 2009



I think everyone has been tagged already - if you haven't then tag yourself ♥ Post the 10th photo in your first photo file on your computer......... Also~ Dang my hand looks HUGE!

Sorry mine is not exciting, I found an awesome fluorescent under-a-shelf light at the thrift store,( for 3 bucks!!! ) I have put it up in my craft/sewing/our laundry room, and I am testing it out for nail photos. I took a million photos and most look pretty good. The color is actually accurate. I bought this though for crafts and sewing,but it has turned out very useful for my nail photos ( I'm thinking forward to winter-time). It is easy to see that this is a fluorescent tube lighting ( I hope ) I think the color looks pretty decent= this is my A.W.O.L. mani from yesterday. I will be posting more pic's tomorrow to get a little more perspective on this lighting and how it shows up on blogger♥

All the other stuff in the photo = Last week my craft for the week was beading and fixing my necklaces, putting new jump rings on, fixing things and creating some new pieces. All those beads and findings are on a folding tray table, like the ones you use in bed, I like to use that when I do beading/jewelry making because all those tiny pieces of metal, beads, and clasps are sometimes hard to control, so keeping them on a tray like this keeps them in my sight, and not sucked up in my vaccume!

Have a Lovely Evening!


Lucy said...

Love your franken color. Good idea for fixing your jewelry. I have to get a tray or something for my laptop. I pile onto two pillows that I put on top of my legs. Not the most balance arrangement.

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

I like this gentle colour. Frankening seems so much fun :-)

I'm sending you the Lemonade Stand, please accept :-)