Sunday, August 23, 2009

♥ Sally Hansen "Chocolatey Polish's" ♥

This has been sitting in my " to-post" area for a while. After seeing the gorgeous Risque chocolaty polish's HERE ~ I thought that I should get this posted. { you can translate this blog = which is an awesome blog if you have not come across this yet♥ }

Here are a few Sally Hansen 'Chocolaty' polish's I have acquired over the last few months. I have not seen these on many blogs = I think that they were released in January /February of 2009.... The first polish on the left is Sally Hansen Ominous, which is not part of the chocolaty collection, but I wanted to include it anyway... I believe that this was released for Halloween 2008. It is a very rich dark polish.

There was 6 polish's that were part of this collection, I cannot find any supplementary info to share. Even a Google search of the individual polish names comes up with just a few photos, and links to 2 other blog posts. So I think that this might be a Canada only line-up of polish. I intend these to be my last purchase of "polish - that - look - black - in - most - lighting, - except - for - outside - in- the - sunshine. The two darkest chocolate-named polish are very, very pretty in bright lighting , but their true color is un-discernible without that bright light, so I mine-as-well be wearing black....{ what a cry baby} i will likely tweak these so that they are not so dark.

Like all Sally Hansen ceramics, these are richly pigmented, and are two coaters. Here on my super-awesome home made nail swatches, I have done 2 coats with 2 coats of C.G. Fast Forward. At first I did not like Cappuccino, but now I think it is a beautiful color and I am looking forward to mani with this and some nail art using one of the darker browns.

ALL SWATCHES, From Left to Right

  • Cappuccino --6300-02
  • Mocha Madness --6300-03
  • Dark Nut Brown --6300-04
  • Dark Chocolate --6300-05
  • Ominous --6262-07

Below are the Sally Hansen collection "brown polish's with chocolate themed names"collection ( lol ) if anyone knows the name of this collection of 6 chocolate-ey please let me know. I am missing two, but the colors that I am missing did not interest me. The colors I am missing are another light creamy taupe, and another shimmery cashew metallic color. I am sure I will come across some in a dusty Canadian drug-store in the future.

A super- duper sunshine close up of, Dark Chocolate, Ominous & Mocha Madness, Hopefully the last 3 polish's that I buy which look black except for in bright lighting or Sunshine. I wish that Mocha Madness looked like this in normal lighting, for fall, I will be on the hunt for rich warm chocolate colors.....That I can get to bottle color in two coats.


Kae said...

Oh wow those are really beautiful!

Paige said...

They are gorgeous! I have never liked brown on me much though.

paintedladyfingers said...

I definitely didn't see these here! (Philadelphia, PA). It's a nice collection. It's rare for a polish company to do a grouping of browns. I'm looking forward to your nail art with these chocolates!

AllYouDesire said...

These are really beautiful!

Shannon said...

I have a bunch of these - I got mine at Shoppers Drug Mart. I love brown polish for the fall and winter - so warm and cozy looking!

Anonymous said...

These are really pretty! I love browns - they go with my skin tone so well! Unfortunately I didn't see these in my area (southern NJ). I really like all your pictures - in the shade, in the light, etc., it really shows the depth of a polishes' color!!!

Lucy said...

I've never seen these either. Love those colors. They are so rich looking. Yummy also.