Friday, August 21, 2009

♥ Nail Art Hearts ♥

I thought I could possibly use these for some nail art in the future. They are much, much smaller hearts than the hearts in Nicole by O.P.I. and others. So far they look pretty good. I got these at a bargain store in my town for $2.50 CAD. I read on the blogs that people seem to 'fish out' the actual hearts/stars from the nail polish bottels = I think this will keep me sane and instead of fishing for hearts/stars I will try this first..... I am still hunting around for 'shapes' that are way, way thinner then these and others that I have been able to find so far. I am a clumsy girl and suspect that these may not have the longevity that I am looking for. But = they will do for now. ♥


Paige said...

Those are so cute! It reminds me that I need to go pick up rhinestones and things like this for nail art!

Lucy said...

They are darling! Hope you have good luck with using them. I hate having to fish for things in polish. I can never get the darn things.