Friday, August 21, 2009

♥ Sally Hanson 'Health Frost' ♥

~ Shade with Flash ~

Old time polish, Sally Hansen 'Health Frost', a gorgeous deep purple with glitter. I think that I have had this for at least 12 years, but it might be older..... anyone else remember these or have them? When they came out with this there was a few different polish's with glitter. I adore this purple color and finish, and the glitter is enchanting, however, this is seriously lumpy...... even after 2 coats of Clear polish ( 3 coats of clear on my MIDDLE finger) the glitter is still very, very lumpy. Well, maybe 'lumpy' is the wrong word. It is still very 'textured'

Also.... I found these at Field's store ( Canada ). I do not recall these polka-dot ones making it to the bigger stores here in Canada.... like W.M. or Pharmacy/Drug Stores. Very Cool.

I hope they fare better for me than other Fing'rs pre-painted and decorated false nails. The Fields store in my town has been a gold-mine of great deals for me. I now that Field's stores can be found in alot of small towns in Canada. If you live in Canada check out to see if there is a store in your community. I found an awesome mini salad spinner for $7.00 bucks! I was elated about that because I have not been able to find one in the stores here, in other cities or even on-line!

Anyhoo - onto the photos. I hope that there is someone else out there who gets a kick out of seeing old-time polish's & Antique polish's... I do! and I love to see posts of them as well♥

~ Shade ~

~ Shade with Flash ~

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~ SunShine ~


Paige said...

This is a gorgeous color, I can't believe that you have had that polish for so long!

Nail Art Sakura said...

This Sally Hansen is really beautiful:)

Lucy said...

Really love this color! I don't own any polish that old. Try some nail thinner. Very pretty on you. I like those polka dot nails. Cute.