Friday, August 21, 2009

~♥~ In-expensive Bargain Nail Polish ~♥~

~♥~ This picture is from November 13, 2008 ~♥~

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{below- from the website }

Tonnes of Sally Hansen Nail polish

:::: "A HUGE variety of colors and styles of nail polish. Color choices such as different pinks, blues, purples, yellows, clear, white, orange, and reds.
Cost any where from $3- $4 normally......Our Price- 3/ $1.00 !! ::::"""

5900 S. Range Rd
North Judson, IN 46366

WHAAAAAAAAT 3 FOR $1.00!!!!!! Is there an international airport in North Judson Indiana?

After doing some 'google-ing for some swatches of older Sally Hansen polishes, I found this site..... I think those are Nail Prisms in those bins! I know these types of stores are not for everybody, but you can find some cool stuff in those out-of-the-way, sometimes scary shops..... I know I have visited a few scary discount places and found cool stuff & others I scurried out of. I miss that about living in a big city - being able to hop around to all the cool bargain stores. { :o( }

This website, says that they have 5000 sq. ft. of 'stuff '. Wow, I think I would have a heart attack if I walked into ANY Discount Center, and they had boxes and bins of nail polish... for 3 for $1.00. = ESPECIALLY SALLY HANSEN NAIL PRISMS AND SALLY HANSEN MAXIMUM GROWTHS.. I am so jealous ===== but I am thankful that I have recently gotten lucky with my bargain nail polishes... So I definitely should not be whiny about it.

So if you live near this place, and you have found nail goodies there... please let me know! I am curious if anyone has actually shopped there- and if it is a good lead for bargain polish and or older Sally Hansen's for 33 cents each.... Yes I am a crazy bargain shopper!


Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

Now I so want to hop on the plane for this store. Are you coming? lol

Anonymous said...

:O its like nail polish heaven lol

Lucy said...

I would fill up a shopping cart with polish. Who could pass up a good polish bargain? Count me in with your trip!