Monday, August 24, 2009

♥Billie - 25-6 'Electric Fuchsia'♥

~ Billie 'Electric Fuchsia' 3 coats & 2 coats of Billie T.C. ~

I will say that this line-up of Billie polish's are a copy-cat of Color Club Electro-Candy. It is a neon with a -very- subtle blurple shimmer that is very nice. They are all very pretty but need 3 to 4 coats for opaqueness.....I think that they would look best over a coat of white but would still need 3 to 4 coats. They dry super fast so that is not a problem for me, even though I -hate- polish's that need that many coats I will make an exception for these insanely bright colors.

As with all extremely bright colors this polish was very hard to capture in most lighting. I feel I have done a good job with the florescent lighting photo's, though. I have used those hearts that I purchased recently for some nail art= a trial to see how well they hold up. So far none of them have snagged on anything, and they are sticking on pretty good. I used nail glue to glue them in place, then used 2 coats of clear nail polish over them. Hopefully you can see the thickness of the hearts in these photo's, they are pretty thick ~ but I have yet to find nail art pieces that are thinner than this..... I just stuck them on my RIGHT hand ring finger in a random pattern, on my LEFT hand I tried to do a little more of a pattern. These are more translucent hearts with alot of flash to them.

When I am looking at nail supple sites for these types of things, they never say how thick the object is..... these types of hearts for example. It seems like this is the standard thickness for nail art pieces, and what I have seen in the stores it seems to be the same.. also some of the nail art hearts & stars or whatever are too large and do not bend. So if they are sitting on a curved part of your nail, they poke off your nail bed. OH WELL... These problems are why KONAD was invented ♥

~ Florescent Lighting ~

~ Florescent Lighting ~

~ Florescent Lighting ~

~ Florescent Lighting ~

~ Outside - Shade ~

~ Outside - Shade ~


Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous! I love this pink!!! And the hearts are so cute!!!

Unknown said...

I like it!!! That color is so pretty.

Paige said...

These would be great nails to sport on Valentine's Day!

Lucy said...

Hot pink and hearts! Two of my favorite things. Your nails look beautiful

Dee said...

Eee! That is such an awesome pink! I love how it looks semi-matte in some of the pictures. The hearts are a nice touch too.

nivipa said...

I love your right-hand ring nail! Very happy - lol!

rijaH said...

Very nice mani :) Love the little hearts :D And such a nice blog you have here :)