Tuesday, August 11, 2009

♥ Franken 'Olive Drab' ♥

Here is my Franken 'Olive Drab', it is a little more on the actual olive side of the color spectrum then the Military uniform olive drab. When I first swatched it I thought it was super ugly, then I wore it for a day and I am in love with this color. HERE is a more in depth post of how I made this. Basically I gently brushed and loosened some Loreal Antique 'Soft Fern' eyeshadow from the pan, and added it to an empty nail polish bottle, added some clear nail polish, some ballz, and shook it up.

It applied quite easily, I was worried there would be alot of brush strokes but application was pretty breezy ( my right thumb polish job was quite sad though) I hope that my indoor photo's are as a realistic reflection as is the outside photo's = will someone gently tell me if they suck, thanks! I am absolutely addicted to this frankening, I don't even want to model the next two frankens I created with this ' Army collection'.... the next 2 are cremes - I just wanna work on my next batch, which is going be blue = I am super eager to get started on those!!!!!! i have fiddled around with video so hopefully I can make one of the blue frankening experience

Any hoo - I have alot of chores to do, and want to get this on the blogs as soon as possible so here are my photo's.....

I have to add that, sadly those two olives did not make it through this photo shoot, their modeling career and eventual marriage/divorce to a rock star will never happen for them. But look how they beautiful they are = not as beautiful as my 'Olive Drab' Franken though.

~ Actual olives stolen from Google images ~

~ My latest collection of frankens ~ "Army Greens" ~

~ 'Olive Drab' Franken - Shade with Flash ~

~ 'Olive Drab' Franken - Sun/Shade ~

~ 'Olive Drab' Franken - Sunshine ~

~ 'Olive Drab' Franken - Sunshine ~


Mary said...

I love that shade! And the olive is a perfect prop. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm craving some olives.

nivipa said...

Olive Drab is stunning! I like that red touch underneath - is that a polish?

Brooke said...

The red underneath is the perfect touch for these olive nails!! I can't believe you didn't highlight that more in your pics - awesome!

I totally need some olives myself! lol at not making it through the photo shoot!!

Velvet said...

Oh! I'm in love with this color you've created. Wow, it's sooo beautiful. I don't have any olive shades in my polish stash. I might just have to create one too!

Inbal said...

love that olive drab! it's so special and makes your hand look so elegant!

Lucy said...

I adore this shade of olive!It has a flash of gold in it. Just a beautiful polish. This is also my favorite color eye shadow. The olives look delicious. I can't have them around. They are so salty and I'm very salt sensitive. Once I start to eat them I can't stop. They also taste great in a martini!

Cali369 said...

mmmm - dirty martinis....

Great franken, unique colour