Saturday, August 1, 2009

♥ Last Purple Frankens (for now) ♥


This is the last batch of purple frankens that I made using Sally Hansen 'Radish' as a base..... I had hoped to devote a full Mani to all the lovely frankens I have made, but there is no way I will get around to that and so I have doubled up on this Mani. These last two frankens I am gonna call "Kudos" and "Ditto". The dark one is "Kudos" and the Light one is "Ditto" 2 coats of "Kudos" let it dry, cut out a simple "S" curve out of a sheet of mailing labels (less residue) stuck on nail, then applied 2 coats of Franken "Ditto" let dry 2 coats of Billie 'Clear Polish'.

"Kudos"= the darker purple; was suggested by Tiffany , and I have named the lighter purple"Ditto", because it is extremely similar to "Last Mortgage Payment" (a previous Franken). I created "Kudos" by starting with 1/2 a bottle of Sally Hansen 'Radish', adding some Sally Hansen 'Candy Lace', then adding just a little Caboodels Body Shimmer. The little flecks from the Candy Lace are barely visible in "Kudos" so I think next time I mess around with that one, it is gonna be light colors, or jellylike...... (?).


, I created with a base of 1/2 of a bottle of Sally Hansen 'Peanut Shell', ( R.I.P. ) then added the lovely deep purple Sally Hansen 'Radish', and to lighten and whiten it up a little more I added some Sally Hansen M.G. in White, then just a tiny bit of the Caboodels body shimmer.....

I regret not taking more photos while creating these, I don't have a formula to go on... but I think that is a huge part of the fun when making Frankens. I have already begun a new batch of frankens, I am taking step-by-step photos so I will not forget how I created them, and also because this has been successful and easy and I hope to encourage others to try it out...... just be prepared if using pigments, glitter or crushed up eyeshadow = = = It goes everywhere!

I am sooooo excited to to work on my new frankens...... my theme color is GREEN!!!!! So far the things I have been playing around with have also turned out lovely. I am finding the lesser quality cosmetics ( or less expensive ) eye shadow's and other powdery products seem to work better.....hmmm. I am looking forward to whipping up some cool colors, soon!

Also I am elated to say that I found one of the recent franken I made, way, way, way underneath my coffee table, so that made me very happy♥

~ Shade ~

~ Shade ~

~ Ohhhhhhh yeeeaaaaaahhhhh MONTAGE !!!!!!! ~

~ Indoors fancy white light ~

~ Mailing labels...... ~



sweet_little_angel said...

Lovveee it!!! I love your swrily, S design. It's awesome seeing different colours too! lol and those reds from Billie's. I LOVE reds! And those are awesome! =D

Unknown said...

I love the s design with the two purples!

Kae said...

Love the franken, and it looks great with that design :)

Lucy said...

You made such beautiful frankens. I love them on you. I also love the "s" design you've made. Really pretty. Can't wait to see what you'll mix up next.

Tiffany ツ said...

everyones frankens are sooooo good lately! i would try but honestly im too lazy lol

Brooke said...

AWESOME!!! Great idea with the mailing labels! I love the two purples together too!