Thursday, August 13, 2009

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Hi there ~ I am a busy-busy girl this morning... but I want to answer a few questions that have been posted in my comments and emails.....

Firstly - blogging...... posting and reading everyone else's blog - especially the nail blogs has taken all my interwebz leisure time- seriously, I have barely looked at shopping/on line catalogs in the last 3 weeks = this is a good thing. Second, I have to thank everyone who has been and keeps posting all these lovely swatches and nail art


So onto the answers..... most of the bottels that I have been using for my frankens, have been nail polish bottels that are colors I did not like, They are polish that I buy, or polish's that have been given to me by people who don't want them anymore. A few months ago I did a post about really ugly polish's I found for .25 cents to $1.00 at a dusty dollar store. While most of the colors were hideous = it was a huge score as these polish's had great brushes and ballz in them already. i have not gotten to messing around with those yet. If you are not into ordering a bunch of empty bottels, inexpensive clear nail polish is the way to go.

Most of the Frankens I have been making, are just for fun, I am really enjoying this process. This last batch of Frankens are based on colors that I would not normally purchase, and that are not readily available in my community..... I am also trying to reduce the amount of stuff I acquire; and truthfully, I could last for a long long time without 'acquiring' any more nail polish, so I plan on messing around with what I have already to keep me happy.

At the moment Walgreens has wet n'wild clear nail polish for 0.59 cents = online, that's a good start. My newest batch of 'Army' frankens, I made with tiny wet n' wild bottels from my mom. I poured out the fugly colors saving the Ballz, swished some acetone around in the bottle to remove the offending polish, let it air dry, then added clear polish and 'eyeshadow', or poured in polish's and shook them up.

However this process is a pain in the bunz, you can purchase empty glass polish bottels with brush's ( no square bottles with a normal brush, though *sads*) for $0.65 USD. at Trans Design Inc. for 15 ml or 0.5oz. The Glass round Bottle is 33 ml or 1.12oz. for $0.89 USD ( 33ml is alot!) Which is the ideal way to go about this, it will save yourself from alot of trouble and fumes. However I prefer the clear inexpensive dollar store polish's I found in my town because I like the brush handle and the actual polish brush.

Another FRIGGEN AWESOME place to buy empty polish bottels and mini polish bottles is Supply Source. Here is the direct link to empty glass bottles. They also have really, really pretty and inexpensive polish's some of which have been beautifully modeled HERE.

For my latest 'Army' Frankens these mini bottles from were given to me by my mom, they already had ballz in them. However, you can purchase ballz (which are actually BB-gun pellets) from sporting sporting goods stores but they must be stainless steel, other wise they may corrode/rust in your polish bottle.I just saw a photo the other day of someone who added the wrong type of ballz to a polish bottle but I do not remember where ...... it rusted at the bottom of the bottle. So ask for non-corrosive stainless steel .... I am in the process of acquiring some stainless steel ballz for ALL my polish's, ( it is amazing sometimes how much glitter/shimmer/other particles settle at the bottle of a polish) I have found THIS on eBay = a seller who is selling 100 Stainless steel mixing balls for nail polish 1/8" for $9.00 USD. ( THIS is their store )

I think it is a little pricey for 100 stainless steel ballz, = $ 9.00 U.S. But what can you do with the quantity that is available when you purchase these in a store..... so it might be worth it.

You can buy stainless steel BB pellets, in a bulk container, I have yet to see them in a smaller quantity then 500-ish = I cannot imagine over my lifetime using that many. Ideally you need at least 1 stainless steel mixing ball per polish, I think 2 would be best. I imagine that when I find some ( none in my town at the moment) I would add some to my polish's that do not have any mixing balls, and then keep a few for frankens and give the rest away.

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Before you begin, make sure you work in a ventilated area (I am trying to knock out all my frankening before winter-time) and be sure to cover your work area, because it can get messy♥ I picked up 2 pieces of glass from the thrift store (.25 cents each = from photo frames) and used these as a palette to mix up polish's, I made sure to label exactly which polish's I was working with, because I have forgotten 3 out of 5 times what polish quantities and colors I have used when I do the little sample. I add a drop of polish at a time and just get to mix'in..... using a tooth pick, when I finally mix up a color I like I swatch it on a nail (my super-awesome dollar store nails that I glued onto a piece of foam board ) to see if I really really like it. And if I do, I find an empty bottle and mix it in proportion to what I have mixed up on my glass pallet to the color I like. Viola - confusing? Sorry, I am not great with explaining things, I am more of a 'showing/doing' kind of teacher....

~ This is from my Frankening in April/May ~

And of course, go through the archives of the masters of Franken-polish's. There is alot to inspire you and alot of information & helpful hints for this process.

Dr. FrankenPolish


Never Too Much Glitter

Most of all, be sure you really really want to change a polish, if you are simply adding 'stuff' to polish's you have laying around you don't like, be sure you really, really want to: I regret messing around with some polish's I have had, ( Fix-ups ) So now I am exclusively only using inexpensive dollar store clear nail polish for my frankens, which has worked out well for me. At the moment Rex-all Drug Stores/Pharmacies in CANADA have Sally Hansen Hard As Nails = on sale for .99 cents. Sadly I do not have one of those in my town. I also know that some walmarts in the states sells their Wet n' Wild clear polish for .99 cents, and the online sale at Walgreen's is pretty lucrative.

I hastily wrote this, so I hope it makes some sense and hope all this helps someone. I am hoping that I can make a quick clear and informative video of this 'eye-shadow' franken process....♥


Kae said...

Those were all great tips! I always want to franken some stuff together but man never have any empty bottles.

I have been loving all your frankens so far, and the names too they are awesome!

Ana_missverniz said...


I came here to tell you that i'm giving you a Stamp for your wonderful blog...!!!! I really love it, and i think that it helps a lot with our nail polish's choices....!!!! Kisses, and i hope you like it...!!!!


Lucy said...

Thank you so much for all the great information. I'll keep it in mind when I try to franken.