Tuesday, August 11, 2009

♥ Franken 'Olive Drab' = The Process ♥

To make my most recent Franken Polish = "Olive Drab", I used an 'antique' Loreal Wear Infinite Duo in 'Soft Fern'. I used a small brush to gently loosen the eyeshadow from the pan, and dropped it onto a piece of paper, which I would later use to neatly get all the eyeshadow into a small container. I made sure to cover the area I was working in with waxed paper, becuase there is already too much glitter and shimmer in places in my home, that it shouldn't be.

This is a super easy way to make frankens. I am absolutely enchanted with process and result of frankening, and am looking forward to making more, like right away. I still have 3 more to model from my 'Army Collection' of Frankens, so I must do that first, never mind the 20 or so polish's I have acquired recently... geez! ( I will put up photos of those soon, though.)

I tried to get a photo to show how little of the actual eyeshadow I have used, I probably used half of what that pile is .... I have tried this with a few different brands of eyeshadow, all with great results. At the moment the only negative thing to report is that it is a little messy at times,and sometimes your franken can become too thick if you add to much 'eye-shadow, or pigment or whatever you happen to be adding.

~ Some outdoor photo's of the eye-shadow I used..... ~

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Below, on my arm is a swatch of Caboodels 'Wild Child' eyeshadow ( left) and Loreal 'Soft fern" eyeshadow ( right) I have not tried any new Loreal eye-shadows in the last 3 years, so I cannot vouch for Loreal eyeshadow 'Franken-ability' = I say try to franken with whatever you got! ♥ TRIAL & ERROR♥. The Caboodle's "Wild Child' is the eyeshadow I used to make my A.W.O.L. Franken.

~ Sorry this is bad lighting and the wrong camera setting ~

~ Here is a good photo of the amount of eyeshadow I have used. This is an old, old eyeshadow, probably bought this in the early 2000's, maybe even '99, it is a very pretty shade for the eyes but I barely used it. I would say that I have used this about 5 times, so there was alot left for me to Franken with!!!!. I have a drawer full of make-up that I refuse to get rid of = but it is gonna come in handy for the rest of the summer to feed my addiction to making franken-polish's.

Look how much I got by gently brushing the shadow out of the pot - yeah, I could buy pigments, which are already finely milled, but I have like 20 eye-shadows just sitting in my makeup drawer.... so I am gonna work with those first ♥

I 'brushed out' this eyeshadow onto a small piece of paper, so that I could gently fold it and 'pour' the fine eyeshadow into a receptacle, in this case, a small craft container I got from the dollar store. I also made tiny funnels with just plain note pad paper, this came in handy as I have mentioned because this frankening can get pretty messy! ( but it is lots of fun ). It is way, waaaaay easier to use a funnel than it is to try and get it into the bottle without one. Just roll up a piece of paper into a funnel, insert into bottle - pour in eye-shadow/pigment or whatever..... Viola

Well, I hope that this will help someone in the future......Sadly, I still have a strong & un-ending desire to buy more nail polish... whats wrong with me? ♥


may said...

this is awesome. I'd like to try it. Where did you buy the "balls" from? and where do you get the small empty bottles from? thanks

Paige said...

Ooooo, pretty! You are getting dangerously close to starting to make frankens myself......

may said...

please let me know where i can get empty bottles and the "balls". I tried sallybeauty and they don't have any?

Lucy said...

It doesn't take too much shadow to make a nail polish. That's good and bad. Bad if you have lots of crappy eye shadow that you want to get rid of. This is better than buying pigments. Much cheaper to use what you have.