Monday, August 3, 2009

♥ Goodies from my mom! ♥

AWWWWWWWWWWEEEEE , these are soooo small & sooooo cute. My mom gave me a big bag of mini polish's she had hanging around the house a couple of weeks ago = 4 pretty 'Color Impact' polish's, and 12 cute mini Wet N' Wild polish's........ Soooooooo HAPPY!!!!! I purchased 2 of these containers of Wet n' Wild Minis at a CVS drug store in Grand Forks, North Dakota U.S.A. = like 5 years ago, and gave them to my Mom and sister, so they have re-gifted me, which is totally fine. I believe that 8 polish's came in the clear paint can looking container. For 5 year old bargain polish, these Wet n' Wild's have held up well, they apply perfectly and even came with BALLZ!

I have lined up my goodies with China Glaze Spontaneous..... These mini bottels make the C.G. look huge! I have done swatched on false nails, just for reference, and do hope to work out some Mani's with some of these in the future. I have already SACRIFICED 5 bottels of these Wet n' Wild mini's for my recent GREEN/KHAKI/CELADON Frankens coming up = the streaky blue ( X 2 ) and mauve frost were the very first to go. they were pretty colors, but I am shying away from polish's that leave brush strokes.


The 'Color Impact' polish's- the smaller sized bottels with the silver label, below - are pretty shades, and I plan on 'rescuing' them with some pigments & eyeshadow to elevate their opacity. Further down In this post I have also included swatches of those Antique L.A. Colors and those "awesome square' bottels of Party Toez by Fing'rs that I used in my recent square purple frankens. I really like the brush handle and the applicator brush of these L.A. Color polish's. I know that they have since changed their bottle shape and applicator, but I hope the brush is still the same in the newer bottles. I scored those L.A. Colors on a trip to the Big City - very inexpensively. The polish colors on their own are yucky, but I have come up with awesome frankens.... So i am happy about that. Blah I am sorry that II only own neon and purple band aids at the moment, because the L.A. Colors 'French Creme' is a dead ringer for a band aid = GROSS!

Also I visited the Big City recently, and went to an out of the way bargain store and they were selling these ancient L.A. colors polish's for $2.50... at a friggen dusty dollar store = whats up with that? Sometimes I wonder about some "bargain" stores, they are not always a real bargain.

L to R - Clear, Royal Red, Desert Plum, Golden Pink, Femme Fatale, Scarlet Red, Heavenly, Mulberry Frost, Blueberry Frost, Psycho ( a glitter ) and Clear


Top Row Left to Right

Color Workshop = No Name
Color Workshop = No Name
Color Workshop = No Name
Color Workshop = No Name
Wet n' Wild - Royal Red
Wet n' Wild - Blueberry Frost

Bottom Left to Right
Wet n' Wild - Mulberry Frost
Wet n' Wild - Heavenly
Wet n' Wild - Golden Pink
Wet n' Wild - Femme Fatale
Wet n' Wild - Scarlet Red
Wet n' Wild - Mulberry Frost - again ooops!

The first 4 nails above are the 'Color Impact' polish's painted in the order they appear below. They do not have names, but I will give them names once I fix them up. These 'Color Impact' polish's are very pretty and just need a little tweaking to reduce their translucency... they are sheer but get to bottle color in 4 coats. Which, is way too many coats for me.

~ Lined up with bottle of China Glaze ~

me giving the thumbs up to my lovely gift from m mom! Yeeeeeeeesssss - Mini polish!

♥♥♥ Thanks MOM ♥♥♥

And here are the L.A. Colors......colors. I also picked up 3 bottels of ridge filler, whuch ended up being an excellent matte-i-fier. The french Creme is a repulsive Color - it is way, way too yelllow to be used in a 'French' mani-YUCK. The last bottle of the L.A. Colors is actually the polish from the bottels of the Red 'Party Toez', I couldn't just toss it, so I poured it into one of the bottels of 'French Creme' ( gross band-aid color) and have added a little pigment to it. Party toez was an awesome concept, but the polish's were a little runny & Sheer, so hopefully I have managed to rescue them.... Anyhoo-

Left to Right

L.A. Colors - 'Silver Lining'
L.A. Colors - 'Pink Bliss'
L.A. Colors - French Creme
L.A. Colors - ' Mystery-Coppery-Peach-Orange' (no Name)
Franken - 'Rescue Party'
Fing'rs - 'Party Toez Red'
Fing'rs - 'Party Toez Pink'

These are swatched below in different lighting. While the first to L.A. Girls are pretty, all 4 require soooo many coats, and take forever to dry. I had purchased these for their bottels, mainly, but I do hope that I can re-work them... if not the brush is a good one, so it's win-win!.

L.A. Colors - 'Silver Lining, 'Pink Bliss', 'French Creme', ' Mystery-Coppery-Peach-Orange' (no Name) Franken - 'Rescue Party', Fing'rs - 'Party Toez Red, 'Fing'rs - 'Party Toez Pink'

Below is Billie Cosmetic's Base Coat & Top Coat, because I usually... well I ALWAYS wear ♥ Acrylic false nails ♥, I generally do not use a base coat, and because I redo my nails 3 times a week I did not bother with base coat..... but I had to buy it.

Here are two lonely polish's I picked up at my Favorite store in town 'Rustic', and an unnamed Creamy peach-pink, very pretty. I have included swatches of these too, I tried to find a color name on the site that distributes these Billie polish's and I believe that it comes from their 'French Manicure' line. So I imagine that it is supposed to be sheer........ I got it opaque in 4 coats, it turned out to be a pretty color....


Unknown said...

Nail polish is the best gift ever!

Velvet said...

Nail polish is always an awesome gift. I know what you mean about four coats of polish. Ugh,that's too much for me too. This is a good idea you have, to add a little more color to them. So as not to have to apply so many coats. Such a simply idea,yet I hadn't ever thought of it. I have some polishes just tad sheer and I think I'll try it too.

Pink Ginger said...

That's Awesome! My mother rarely buys nailpolish for me because she says I have too much.There IS no such thing as too much nailpolish.

Lucy said...

You are going to be very busy fixing those polishes. Good idea about darkening the color. I hate to do 4 coats.