Saturday, August 15, 2009

♥ Franken 'Camouflage Green' ♥

~ Franken 'Camouflage Green' 2 coats & 2 coats of C.G. Fast Forward ~

Here is another Franken from my collection of "Army" Frankens. I made this by adding some bargain eye-shadow to clear nail polish's into a small bottle mini bottle. This polish has a satin/matte finish on it's own, so it needed 2 coats of a shiny top coat = China Glaze Fast Forward. I was hoping to achieve a color closer to the picture below. The pic below is actually the real Camouflage Green Hex #78866B.

The Franken I made is not anywhere close to this color- sadly. But it is very pretty - I have been wearing it for 3 days, and I keep gazing at it because it is soooo pretty. I have hunted around the interwebs for another polish or object to compare it to with no luck. I think it is more in the color family of sage green , pictured below.

Add a bunch of shimmer to that color above... and Viola - my Franken. Here is a photo of 'snow-in-summer, a beautiful perennial with gorgeous frosty sage green leaves.... which is the only object I can accompany this polish with.... weird! I was hunting around for at least 45 minutes for something, anything to compare this to!!!!

Any hoo - here is a million photos of 'Camo-Green', I am in love with this polish, it is sooooo beautiful. I am sad to report that I used up most of the eye-shadow that I mixed this with, so I will be hunting around for something similar so I can make a full-sized bottle of this Franken. The photos I got in the sun did not do this polish justice, so most of these are in the shade, in the shade with flash, or indoors under flourescent lighting.

~ Indoors -Fluorescent Lighting ~

~ Outside Both Photos with Flash ~

Left - Top Coat & Right no Top Coat ~

~ NO TOP COAT - Shade  ~

Below with top coat

Oops! I forgot to get a photo of this before I 'brushed it all out! This eyeshadow is from one of those sets you can get at X-mas time. They are working out great for frankens!!!


Paige said...

I love how this polish looks green in some lights and grey in others!

Lucy said...

I love the color of the polish. Just beautiful! What are you going to come up with next?

paintedladyfingers said...

It really does look like wild sage, the silvery green. If that franken were in a store, there would be an empty spot on the shelf after I walked by. Very well done!