Sunday, August 9, 2009

♥ New Green Frankens ♥

~ Newest Batch of Frankens - in the Sunshine ~
~ 2 coats no top coat ~

My latest batch of frankens..... So far I have only named the one on the right -the light chartreuse color = It is called 'Wild Child' after the old-time caboodle eye-shadow I made it with. My theme for these frankens was Army/military greens. When I made the 'Wild Child' polish I was trying to create a close dupe of NARS 'Platoon'. (Google it) I have never seen it in person but in some photos that I have seen, it is a very unique and gorgeous shade. I think mine turned out a little too bright and peppy. My Franken is a very pretty, vibrant chartreuse/pear color. However I am considering changing the name to AWOL, just for funz.

At the moment I am wearing Wild Child, I have tried many different techniques to get a good indoor photo, however, I am waiting till dusk to try again . I think that the outdoor photos I have taken are as accurate as I am gonna get, but it is still worth a try. Before having a nail blog, I never put much thought into taking close-up photos of objects with accurate color and shade/tone.. It is very HARD!!!! and indoor shots drive me CRAZY!!!!!!


Any-hoo, I have not named these yet. I have to add; that using an eyeshadow BRUSH and gently brushing off eyeshadow into a piece of waxed paper or tin foil or a container, then adding it to clear polish = has worked out great.♥ I had crushed it up before and there was lots of lumps and such, but this way was much better! Thank you for your franken wisdom nevertoomuchglitter.

The first polish on the left, the center polish and the last polish 'Wild Child' (1, 3 & 5 ) are all made with clear nail polish and eyeshadow. The polish in the center, I was trying to make a dirty bronze/olive. I think it turned out great, I am getting that on my nails tomorrow A.S.A.P.!
The second polish on the left and the second last polish ( 2 & 4 ) are made by mixing neon green, black, and a teal creme polish. I took photos of the process this time, and made sure I wrote everything down. I am looking forward to modeling these soon. In the very last photo - the frankens I made with eyeshadow have settled. I added ballz to all of these, so all that is needed is a good shake, and viola = ready to go! Oh = I am back using my AWESOME 'home made' nail swatches, they are much easier to paint and photograph better.

~ Shade ~

~ Shade w/Flash ~



Mary said...

Those are all just beautiful! I especially love the one on the far left and the second one in on the right. Let me know when you're ready to start taking orders :)

Nicole said...

I'm with Mary - My favorites are the first four, I'm iffy about that last as to how it would look on me, but interested in seeing it on you. The other four, I'd order in a heartbeat! They look amazing to me. I love greens! I have a ton of old eyeshadow, I have wax paper, but no ballz yet. Will have to get some and get to playing! You're doing great on your frankens, lady.

Paige said...

These are gorgeous! I love the fourth one!

Delainie said...

Green (any shade) is my favourite colour, so I obviously love these!

I think you are getting close to inspiring me to do make some colours myself, but until that inspir-o-meter reaches max, I will happily oogle the frankens that you post!!

Lucy said...

You've made some fantastic colors. Can't wait to see them on you. The center one is my favorite. Looks like a khaki green. I love greens, they're my favorite polish shade.

Shannon said...

Nice line up of greens! I especially love the middle one (that olive is gorgeous)!

nivipa said...

I, too, like that middle one! And those teeny bottles are so cute :)

Brooke said...

Very cool! I wish I had the time to make my own "line" of frankens! Maybe one of these days . . . . :)

Brooke said...

I tagged you! Come look at my blog to see what for :)

Doo ♥ said...

These are almost too beautiful! How amazing late-summer -looks one could create with this "line"!