Monday, August 3, 2009


~ Revlon Runway Collection 'Sateen' (91086) ~

Wow- the designs of the new Revlon Runway collection really are beautiful. The above photo is of Sateen (91086). I am thankful to have been contacted by Revlon to try out these nails. These have previously been modeled on other blogs. Firstly, I must say that for all the years of buying various false nail products, Revlon Glue has been my favorite = the formula is good and the bottle never seems to gum up or become 'sealed forever' on me = They are extremely generous with the amount, too. Also, the little tiny nail file that comes with Revlon false nails, holds up really, really well. It is a very coarse and quality nail file = I still have one from last summer!

I am happy to see that the Revlon Runway Collection Nails have 12 sizes, including half sizes. They seem to have sizes that are wider than other Brands of pre-painted & nail art false nails, which is really really nice. I am happy to see that a company is taking something like that into consideration. Most of the pre-painted false nails I have come across are for people with very slender nail beds, which is bummer for someone like me who has wide nail beds. It is difficult for me to pick a favorite, but I think that Minx is the one I like most. Revlon has alot of quality products. Most of the foundations/ skin care products that I have been very happy with have been from Revlon.

I still had to do a little shaping and filing at the base of my nail as can be expected with all false nail products. It is important to file on the 'underside' of nails with a design on them, this way you will preserve any nail designs or finishes. The thickness of the 'free edge' is another bonus, I was worried that it would be on the thinner side and not hold up to my busy daily schedule ( read; CLUMSY). But I have had no problems so far.

The only negative thing I have encountered is that the nail bed is too sheer for me. And that's a personal thing. On a few nails I could see tiny 'air bubbles' where I did not have contact between the artificial nail, the glue and my nail bed, this would only be noticeable if you very, very close , so it is barely a big deal. These can be removed by soaking in Acetone for approximately 15 min. However, when it is time for ME to remove my false nails, I usually apply lotion then carefully apply a good barrier cream -or Vaseline- onto the skin around my nails and fingertips and soak my fingers in warm water (in a pretty bowl of course) for 10 to 20 minutes and the nails loosen gradually. No picking or ripping off, please!!! ( Doing this will remove layers of your actual nail... PLUS = OUCH!) I find soaking in Water to be a much gentler way to remove false nails. Because our nails, skin and hair absorb water, it affects the bond between the natural nail & the nail glue. I am trying to be much kinder to my cuticles and the skin around my nails, so I am forgoing the acetone soak.... hopefully indefinitely.

I have to add: I always carry around a bottle of nail glue, a small nail file, and a small sanding block in my purse, just in case♥. It's a good habit to have as everyone seems to either have gel nails or acrylics these days, (and of course saving my natural nails) I do not want to be in a spot where I need these things and do not have them.

Anyhoo- Onto the photo's. I have found that taking my photos in a semi-shaded area where the lighting is constant has turned out much better than in the sun. Of course, I will still take photos in the beautiful Sunshine (when we have it here) but at this spot the 'lighting' is a better representation of the true colors of my Nail photos. I have also noticed this on other nails blogs, photos in the shade or semi shade are better representatives of the true colors of polish's & there is no 'glare' or weird shadows. I would love to hear back from others some of their techniques...

~ Revlon Runway Collection ~

Left to Right ; STUDIO 91104, MYSTIC 91098, STELLA 91097, MINX91095

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~STUDIO 91104~

~ STELLA 91097 ~

~ SATEEN 91086 ~

 ~ MYSTIC 91098 ~

~ MINX 91095 ~


Lacquer Laine said...

I love your pics and review! I put a post of mine this morning. I adore Sateen and Minx, and I think they look incredible on you!

Brooke said...

These look great on you! Thanks for the great review.

I agree, the Minx ones are pretty damn cool :)

Anonymous said...

The Sateen is just gorgeous and I really like Mystic too! They look fab on both you and Laine!! Thanks girls! :)

Unknown said...

You make these look perfect! Great job! I just got some of these as well but I haven't tried them yet. I think my nails may be to long now. I think I will try them this weekend. Thanks for all the tips!

Lucy said...

I love all of those nails! I've never used false nails. If I ever have a need to I know where to go. Mystic are my favorites. Like Minx nest. They are a nice length and really don't look fake.

flinty said...

Whenever I take photos, I take a couple in direct sun, a couple in shade, a couple in indirect sun and if none of those colors are coming out precise, I start mucking around with flash. I find that blurples, neons and other hard to capture are best in indirect sun with flash. Colors that have shimmer or flakies come out best in direct sun (except for reds). Holo either needs flash in shade or room lighting; glitters need to be out in sunlight. It depends on the polish but there are all sorts of exceptions to these non-rules. :)

clockwork said...

These look super fantastic on you, now I'm really eyeing up my packs of Stella and Minx! lol.

Allikin said...

Hi! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I totally get your problem finding wide enough nails, although my problem used to be the opposite the few times I tried false nails (I am an ex-biter). I know - they can be customized for smaller nail-beds, but it's pretty much work when your thumb is as wide as, if not smaller than, the average index finger nail and your pinky is itsybitsy tiny like a seven year old's. Let's just say I haven't tried it more than a couple of times. LOL.

Love your posts, keep it up! :-)

Tali said...

Love the pics.. day 4 my runway nails still look perfect! Im amazed!!!!