Tuesday, August 18, 2009

♥ Wet n' Wild 'Psycho' ♥

~ Above Wet n' Wild 'Psycho'( 2coats ) ~
~ China Glaze 'Spontaneous' ( 2coats )~

Here is the lovely Wet n Wild 'Psycho = 2 coats with 2 coats of China Glaze Spontaneous, I am puzzled that they would name this lovely glitter polish "Psycho"... Why? What is exactly wrong with this polish to warrant such a name? Beneath the surface of this teenie-tiny unassuming mini bottle of nail polish is...... is...... I can't even finish that. oh Well, it is not the first ridiculously named nail polish I have come across. My favorite polish brand of the moment, Billie, had a very pretty glitter called "Anxiety"......................... Why? What about glitter can be likened to anxiety? I have posted a picture of the wrongly named Billie Polish 'Anxiety' at the end of this post. Glitter to me equals cheer....... so I am thinking that the person responsible for naming these just had a bad day, and decided on these unfortunate names. For more just-plain-wrong polish names visit Stupid Nail Polish Names

Anyhoo- here is a few more photos of Wet n' Wild "Psycho", My camera battery died mid photo-shoot, so I am waiting for it to charge up so I can get a close-up of this polish bottle and the name 'Psycho'.

Ha-Ha - Billie "Anxiety", even "Feeling Blue" seems like the wrong type of name for a glitter polish.... when I think of glitter I think happy, fun, shiny cheerful.... weird♥


Paige said...

These are great colors, maybe the people who named it were depressed lol.

Lucy said...

Insane polish name. Love the sparkle. Maybe you will go Psycho when you look at all the glittah.

Anonymous said...

I think more of parties and good times when I think of glitter, especially Psycho! I don't think of mental wards and things like that - I agree with you! Polishes with bad names...I have to click on that link in your post! Thanks!

Unknown said...

I love this! So pretty and your toes look great!