Sunday, August 9, 2009

♥ Franken - 'A.W.O.L.' ♥

~ "A.W.O.L." 2 coats & 2 coats of Top Coat ~

( Sorry no indoor photos { ? } I might fiddle around with my other camera and see what I can come up with )

Here is the lovely A.W.O.L. ( nee/formerly "Wild Child") I have included a few photos of the proceess of me gently 'brushing' the eyeshadow out of the palette. I dropped & cracked it before I had a chance to do the 'brushing' so I did end up with a few lumps....but it turned out okay! I used a stiffer cosmetic brush I had laying around and it worked out great, for this franken and my others.. I picked this eyeshadow up at my favorite dollar store in my town= for .99 cents. The tiny clear nail polish I got from my mom. So,basically I brushed out the whole pan of eyeshadow, but only used 1 teaspoon ( it was pretty thick ), I added Ballz and shook, shook, shook. I have alot of eye-shadow left over for other frankens.

Also I must mention = my hands look HUGE when I am holding these itty-bitty bottels!

My latest creations are based on the theme of 'Army-ish' green colors, and so I will be giving them 'Army-ish' names. I had hoped to create a color similar to NARS 'Platoon' with this franken......but did not get very close. NARS 'Platoon' is a unique color, that I have only seen photos of. It is very, very cool. (Google it ). I have hunted around Google for a comparison to this polish and I cannot find one. Even everyday objects, labels and company logos...... Tomorrow when I go shopping, I am gonna try to find some common items to compare it to!

Anyhoo- here is a bunch of photos & photos of the 'process' of me gently brushing eyeshadow out of the pan, ( sort of ) and collecting it without making a huge mess. I have since started collecting these 'eyeshadow-brushings' on a piece of waxed paper, and then making a funnel out of PAPER to add it to the bottle, but it is very easy to get it into a proper receptacle for future storage if it is on a piece of waxed paper, or even paper-paper. The best part about eyeshadow-frankens is that you do not need a alot of eye-shadow to make a franken. My next franken is a perfect example of that ( coming up next )

~ Shade ~
~ Indoors ~

~ Sunshine ~

~ Sunshine ~

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

~Photos of the shadow I used ( .99 cent store )~
~and the cutesie lil' bottle of clear polish~

~ Shade ~

~ Indoors - crappy lighting ~

~ Viola a pile of eyeshadow ~
~ I probably used 1/8th of this pile for my franken.~


paintedladyfingers said...

I am excited to see all your new green frankens as you do full manicures with them. This is such a cool color! I love golden greens that lean towards khaki. I enjoyed the photos of the creation process too.

Nicole said...

I just had a feeling this was going to look great on you, and it totally does! Wow. Such a cool color! You're going to have to start your own company, you keep this up! I can't wait to see the rest of the series. And I like the name!

Paige said...

This is such a great color, it is so pretty! It really flatters your skin tone!

Lucy said...

Very pretty shade. Looks like the color of a honeydew melon. Nice job you did frankening this shade. There are so many pretty eyeshadows that are cheap that would make great polishes. Seems like something to do with all my eyeshadows.

chocaddict said...

It's a lovely shade and a great idea...finally I'll have something to do with all the crappy eyeshadows I hide in my drawers :)