Thursday, June 4, 2009

♥ Maybelline - 'Matte Sapphire' ♥

Maybelline Matte Sapphire & 2 coats of Matte Maker


Wow, this really is a beautiful Matte shade of Blue with tiny silver sparkles.... I recently acquired this polish, along with 3 other coooooool shades at my 2nd favorite bargain store in my town. Sadly, the elusive MATTE OLIVE was not amongst this recent stock.... one day I will find it.{ posts are coming up }... They recently got a new shipment of these Antique Maybelline polish's.

This polish was very, very thick, I had to do three coats to even it out on some nails...The Matte is really cool I like it better shiny though, and next time when I wear it alone I will add at least 3 coats of a shiny TC.... My China Glaze Fast Forward was pulling this color up, so I used my Bargain T.C., which dried just as fast as my China Glaze Fast Forward does.....




On my LEFT hand, I have used 3 coats of Maybelline 'Matte Sapphire' and two coats of the Maybelline 'Matte Maker' Top Coat. On my RIGHT hand I have used 2 coats of Maybelline 'Matte Sapphire' and 1 coat of .99 cent store 'Billie' Clear Top Coat. I totally could use 2 to 3 coats more of this clear top coat, as there is some serious lump-i-ness going on = but I have plans for this beautiful color..... Thats right tomorrow I am adding a coat of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Diamond... WOO-HOO! { of course }

Left Land - 3 coats of Maybelline Matte Sapphire & 2 coats of Matte Maker Right Hand 1 coat of Maybelline Matte Sapphire. I like the color of just the 1st streaky coat and found it to be too dark with 3 coats of the Matte Sapphire & the matte maker..... hmmmm
2 coats of Maybelline 'Matte Sapphire' and 1 coat of .99 cent store 'Billie' Clear Top Coat.



Mary said...

Love the mattes you show us! Matte Maker is great, but I don't know if it's able to be thinned. Mine is almost empty and they're hard to find. Maybelline should re-release that!

Lucy said...

I love these polishes. I love the colors and the finishes. I wish I could find these in the dollar store. I only find some weird brand.

clockwork said...

This is gorgeous, I like it both matte and with the top coat. Wish I could find these as well. Looks great on you.

Kae said...

I think I have this shade! the best part about it besides the nice dark color is the silver glitter, which is very different to see in a matte.

Velvet said...

Sooo nice! Love the matte look on the dark polishes. Beautiful photos too!

Unknown said...

I love this polish!!!!! I think its amazing both ways!!!! I wish I could find this and some of your others too!

Tuli said...

This color is very pretty and I love it both ways !

Dee said...

God, matte polishes are so pretty. Wish they'd hit our shores faster.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

*Thank you for all the lovely comments *

~ Mary - I think i will have to make do without thinning the matte maker. I am certain that this fall the "BIG THING' will be drugstore brand matte's with a matte topcoat available

~ Lucy ~ I did not think I would find anything like this im my little town.. so you never know what you will find, when you pop into those out-of-the-way stores.

Clockwork ~It really is a cool color. It is a treasure for me to find old polish's like this.

~ Kae ~ do you remember when it came out., was it 97 or 98?

~ Velvet ~ I agree, I think dark rich colors look sooo good matte.

~ Kitty ~ I have been totally surprised by what I have found in stores I would never venture if not if not for boredom.Now that i have a matte top-coat, I can use tonnes of lotion and such, otherwise my nails would get shiney from lotions and oils etc.

~ Tuli~ Thank youMy next few mattes are gonna get some dots and stripes with a shiny TC.

~ Angie ~ I predict in fall, major drug store/companies will have matte top coat on the shelves. I think Nubar has one right now.....

midwestgrrl said...

I am not sure if you are still checking these comments, but I saw three bottles of Matte Olive at the dollar store today when I bought the sapphire, ruby, grape and gray mattes. If you are still looking for it...let me know...!