Friday, June 19, 2009

♥ Maybelline - 'MATTE Brownie' & T.C. ♥

~ 2 coats Maybelline 'Matte Brownie' and 2 coats of a shiny Top Coat ~

Here I added 2 coats of a super-shiny Top Coat to Maybelline 'Matte Brownie'. I tried to do some diagonal stripes but they look awful. I used a super thick old T.C. that had a thin brush because I thought it would be easier..... Oh well - lesson learned. I am not sure exactly what setting my camera was on but my skin looks grayish in most of these photo's.... Zombie grayish...... I like this color and think it is leaning more towards an antique bronze with the shiny top coat , of course I have to try adding shine to all my recent mattes..... However I would most likely wear this as a matte because I think it looks really cool.

~ Sunshine ~

~ Shade ~



Velvet said...

I think the stripes look neat! Clever idea to try out. I wouldn't have even thought it. How! I really am loving this color. It keeps reminding me of fall weather. My favorite season of the year.

Lucy said...

I think this looks pretty. It is kind of hard to see. I really think you did a nice job. I love this color.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Velvet ~ That Maybelline matte Maker was waaaay too thick to be trying any Nail Art...... i also think that the polish has too much shimmer 9even though it is Matte ) to really look good... but I just wanted to try it.

Lucy ~ Thanks.... I am not the greatest at nail art, and usually just stick to stickers (ha-ha )