Friday, June 19, 2009

♥ Indulge - 'White Glass-Flecked' layering ♥


I tried to prolong my Maybelline 'Blackened Teal' manicure - and so I added 2 coats of Indulge 'White-flecked' polish. ( I made that name up, this cute mini polish does not have it's own name.....) You can still see the tip wear, but I did not have the zest to redo my nails at the beginning of this week. So I slapped on 2 coats of this lovely glass flecked mini polish. I am trying to finish up groups of polish's that I buy, before I buy new ones!!!!


Lately my camera does not co-operate and so my photos are turning out a little funky..... but I managed to get some cool photo's to share.
The one of just my thumb holding the bottle up to the sky is a little off but it is a good photo of the finish of these cute mini polish's. The very last photo is a hand pose I copied from Misschevious..... I like how it looks like there is this claw coming out of no where..... like the cover of an old zombie movie. I get good photo of all my nails with this pose. Anyhoo - onto the photo's

~ Full Sun ~

~ Shade ~
~ Indoors ~

The green-ness is really apparent in this indoor photo


Unknown said...

These are very pretty together!!! I do the layering thing all the time so I don't have to do a whole new mani!

Velvet said...

Love,love..the last photo! Beautiful in a creepy,scary sort of! I'm only kidding!! It really does show the green.

Lucy said...

I love layering the sparkly stuff onto a tired manicure. Looks very pretty and sparkly. Gorgeous Zombie look!

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

I love that pose... THE CLAW....

Kitty ~ I like to layer and usually do on the second or third day of my mani

Velvet ~ The indoor "claw" pic with the crummy lighting I think looks the best, Some of the outdoors hide the color underneath.

Lucy ~ I love those photos where it looks like a zombie reaching out.....