Monday, June 29, 2009

♥ Billie - 'Strawberry' ♥

~ Billie 'Strawberry' 3 coats - no Top Coat ~

Here is one of the newest scented polish's I found at the awesome .99 cent store in my town.... This is a very pretty color (I say that about every single polish I try ) Just a really girl-y pink!!!!! However = it is not scented as strongly as the Grape scented polish I found last year. {I did a quick swatch my newest Billie scented polish's haul HERE. } I did a test of the new grape polish I bought, to compare it to the old one I have= and the old one is waaaaaaaaay more scented! ( * sad * ).

This polish smells like cheap fruity booze, which I guess is... okay, better to smell like something on the 'nice' side then some of the more chemically/gross polish's I have sampled in the past. I am not sure whether to call these Frosted or a Pearle finish. Usually I check out Nail Juice's handy guide when deciding on what to call a finish = but I am not sure what to call these. Is 'extra-glassy-frost' a name for a polish finish ( yet? )

Anyhoooooo, All my photos are outdoors & I have no top coat on my nails in these photos. I hope to have a serious nail polish swatching week. The last few photos, I have used spontaneous as a comparison for this polish. Normally I am not a fan of any 3 coater's which have that frosty-ness that leaves some streaking, but I think that because these polish's dry extremely fast, I will put up with them.

~ Shade ~

~ Shade ~

~ Sunshine ~


Lucy said...

So pretty on you. I don't know what the finish is either. They are the best 99 cent polishes I've ever seen.

Dee said...

I really like this one - it has just the right amount of "chrominess" to it!

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Thnaks for the comments!

Lucy ~ They are really good polish's... I am sure there is tonnes of brands waiting to be discovered!

Angie ~They are super shiny no top-coat here!

So I made up my own name.... until one of the Pros tells me what tthe real name for it is.. I am calling it 'Frosted-Pearle'