Sunday, June 7, 2009

♥ Rimmel - 'Mania' # 877 ♥

I am not sure exactly when this polish came out, but I would love to see the other polishes that might have the same qualities as this = the beautiful shimmer, quick drying time, and the lovely flash of so many different hues. In most lighting it is a very rich green-with blue and gold/yellow-ish shimmer. In different lighting I could say that this polish is; Peacock Green, Forrest Green, Teal, Hunter Green, Royal Blue, Deep Ocean Blue, and on an on and on. Rimmel certainly have alot of beautiful polish's in their line - however I rarely purchase these. The ones I have come across in the store are pretty plain, and the cool colors they have available, I own ones very similar. I found this at a garage sale and thought it would be cool to use with some of my "Ugly" jewelery, but I have used this alot on my toes...

I had Goggled this a few months ago and nothing came up. I would love to know about any other polish's Rimmel released at this time possibly in the same collection as this. I did find a few photo's of this polish swatched, and of some Rimmel's with this shape of bottle (the old shape) but so far no info on this specific polish... when it came out and what may have been released with it, etc.

This is 2 coats no top coat, and after 1 & 1/2 days of wear. I did some gardening tidy-ing up= which included dishes and this has held up pretty well, however I do have some tip-wear and dents. I generally wear this on my toes, as it seems to keep its finish for a long time. I intend to use CG Sexy-in-the-city over this, today. Because CG Sexy-in-the-city is sooooooo sheer, I have really only wore it layered over other polish's.


Anyhoo, onto the photo's..... all outside in the sun/shade/gloomy-cloudy-skies.




 ~ Thumb Montage ~

~ Full Sun ~
~with our provincial flower~



Lucy said...

I've never used any Rimmel polishes. I like this color. Hard to describe the color. Looks pretty.

Unknown said...

I love this color! I haven't seen this in the stores around here tho. Can you still get this color? Or is it older?

Nicole said...

Haven't seen this shade around, but I've got a similar green by them, I think it's called Camouflage? Not positive. This is a gorgeous shade on you!

auroragyps said...

I happen to have this color, along with Zeigest.:D They're from about 8-10 years ago (well, that's when I go mine) and they're both duo-chromey goodness. I don't think Rimmel's made these colors in a long while.

Nail Fanatic said...

Hmm I never tried rimmel nail polishes. But I am very attracted to that color!

Helen said...

Ooh that's nice. I had a quick look at the Rimmel when I was out this weekend and you are right, it's all boring colours.

Take a look at and if you see any you like on there drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

Mary said...

Love your thumb montage! That's a really pretty color and I don't believe I've ever seen it. I don't have too many Rimmel polishes, but perhaps I should have a closer look at them.

Tuli said...

This is such a pretty color - I love it and I love the way it looks on your nails ! I don't have any Rimmel polish, but this sure seems to be worth searching :-)

Velvet said...

My favorite part was the,"thumb montage"! This is a great color.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

♥ Thank you so much for the comments everybody ♥

Lucy ~ I only have 3 Rimmels..... I wish that I had all the ones that came in this shimmer-multiple color flash finish.

Kitty ~ This Rimmel is older I am certain it is at least 8 yrs old.

Nicole ~ The Rimmel 'Camouflage' is a really pretty color. its on my list

auroragyps ~ I have sen a lot of photos of zeitgeist and I think it is an amazing polish.. It's on my list too.

Nail Fanatic ~ Of the few I have used it has been pretty good, takes more than 60 second's to dry, though.

Helen~ Yep, they are pretty boring.

Mary ~ Thank you! I has hoping to capture all the colors that this polish flashes...

Tuli ~Thank you... it is a pretty color. I think I am half-way through the bottle.

Velvet ~ I like to do montages..... i am trying to limit the amount of pics I load up on here.