Friday, June 19, 2009

♥ Maybelline - 'Matte Brownie' ♥


Here is the lovely Matte Maybelline ' Matte Brownie', 2 coats & 2 T.C.s of Maybelline 'Matte Maker' top coat. This is a shade that I think looks great matte, like and old piece of metal. This I believe is a shimmer, even though it is matte, in the sunshine, beautiful gold tones appear. Please check out the following post where I added a clear shiny Top Coat, and some pitiful nail art..... I tried to do stripes in shiny T.C. and it looks awful. Next time I am sticking to polka dots, because you cannot goof those up. Also my week has been horribly busy, and though I hae read every post on the nail/make-up blogs I follow, I have had little time to comment. Thank you for all the posts you contribute and saving me form reading crappy news and instead reading about new/awesome products and seeing beautiful polish's!


Onto the posts - all outside in the sun and shade ~ As always you can enlarge my photo's = something I am thankful for as I am a little vision impaired ♥

~ Shade ~

~ Sunshine ~

~ Shade ~
~ Sunshine ~


Unknown said...

Oh I like this one alot! Looks great matte and good glossy too! I mess up all nail art!

Velvet said...

Hello! I'm so glad to see your post this evening. You've been missed! I know what you mean. I get so busy reading everyones blogs. But not enough time to always comment. What a great matte brown. It made me think of fall/autumn weather. I really enjoyed looking at all the photos of it.

Dee said...

That's awesome! I love how it looks gray in certain lighting.

Skye said...

g0rjuz colour im loving the matte

Anonymous said...


Lucy said...

That is a beautiful color. Looks beautiful on those long pretty nails of yours. I envy that you keep finding all these great polishes. Hope you keep finding them as I love looking at them. I'll have to try the Orly Matte TopCoat on a brown polish. I really love the look.

Phyrra said...

That looks awesome matte!

augusta said...

wow, this is stunning, it really does look like a piece of antique metal

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Thanks for you comments everybody ♥

Kitty ~ I don't think that I was meant to be a great nail artist = I am a great bargain shopper... that is enough for me! This is one color that i really, really like matte.

Velvet ~ This is a beautiful fall-time color. i will definite get alot of use out of this.

Angie ~ I like ti best in the shade... I think that is really looks like an antique piece of jewelery, or an ancient rusty.... something.

Nail-in-Aus ~ I loooove this color matte... I think matte is cool, but I do like the shine on polishs.

Nail polish Junkie~ Thanks this is a pretty one !

Lucy ~ Thank you soooo much.I will never stop hunting for bargain nail polish... - EVER - I don't think I could if I tried.

Phyrra ~ Oh my god -you- read my blog? -

you are a blogging superstar!

I looove your blog! Thank you for posting all these lovely looks for us and all the cool make-up you order! You do an amazing job with your eyes!

Agusta ~ Thank you - it is a unique antique -old-time-ey color, I like those types of polishs that look antique and victorian? maybe....

Phyrra said...

Yes I do, and thank you :)
I <3 your polish!