Thursday, June 4, 2009

♥ Indulge 'Peach-splakies' ♥


So because I have like 50 'untried polish's, {not 20 like I thought } I am gonna try to do double duty with the layering so I can justify sneaking over to the discount stores in my town and buying up oodles and oodles of antique bargain nail polish. When I checked the forecast yesterday, it said thunderstorms allllll day for Today......and so I did not bother to redo my nails, instead I slapped on a coat of one of these cute mini nail polishes I got from Walmart ( Canada), and took pictures while there was still some sun.

This Indulge polish I used is from the Blueberry Trio, and I have named it 'Peach-Splakies', because it has very fine purple iridescent flakies, and beautiful peach shimmer, in a sheer base. You can see the other colors of these Indulge in Beauty polish's HERE. I did end up with lots of extra time today, and so I repainted my nails anyway, with one of the beautiful Maybelline polish's I picked up on Monday, I have been staring at it all afternoon - My goodness it's a pretty one. Thankfully the sun did come out, and so I also took pictures of that polish. Whew!!!!

In several of these photo's I have left my INDEX finger with only the Bronze aluminum I modeled in my last post. This Indulge polish took a long-a** time to dry, I slapped a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward over it and it dried like in 5 minutes. { So I had 6 to 7 coats of polish on my nails..... wow! } It was hard to get a good photo of the the pretty purple iridescence, It can be seen by enlarging the pic's though, when I tried to crop photo's where the camera picked up the iridescence it was toooo fuzzy.




~ This photo all my nails have Indulge 'Peach- Splakies' ~



Mary said...

I love the Maybelline shade but I love it even more with the peach on top. Those must be only at Canadian Walmarts? Love them and their cute little bottles!

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Yep sadly, they are only in Canada now... I have not seen very many mini polish's on the nail blogs from the U.S.A...... hmmmm