Friday, June 12, 2009

♥ Indulge Yellow layered over Maybelline 'Bamboo Yellow' ♥

~MIDDLE FINGER - 2 Coats of Bamboo Yellow - rest w/ 2 coats Indulge Yellow ~

Layered over Maybelline Bamboo Yellow, which I posted here, is Indulge Beauty 'Yellow', from the Triffle Trio available in Walmart Canada. This is a very sheer sunny yellow, with some flakies, but tiny-tiny flakies in it. What is that called.. they are a little to big to be shimmer, hmmmmmm? This Indulge was to be my only yellow, however I came upon this lovely Maybelline Antique polish for $2.00 so I had to pick it up. I am on an Antique polish kick right now, and will likely be featuring these on my blog along with my .99 cent store 'Billie" brand of polish, and of course I hope to knock out all these mini Indulge polish's at the same time, mostly layering them, although with 3 coats they are still very pretty. I which I had more free time to swatch and model and post all these.....( and more sunshine too ). I could seriously do this modeling and blogging alllllllllll day. I absolutely loooove seeing these rare or old polish's and of course polish's from different Countries. So thanks to those people out there with all those awesome posts!
The Maybelline is like the inside of a banana, and reminds me of a traumatic experience with cough syrup as a child..... (I still will not take cough syrup today), and I have serious dislike for things this color. I found a photo steam of someone who owns this polish, but so far I have not seen it swatched. Strange how there is soooo much polish available and i am obsessed with old antique polish. I know 95% of girls have an old shoebox filled with old polish's they refuse to get rid of.... so I am hoping someone else will model this one, and also show me what those old Maybelline 'Water' Nail polish's are supposed to look like.
Anyhoo - Here is the Lovely Maybelline 'Bamboo Yellow' 2 coats with 2 coats of the lovely Indulge Beauty Yellow layered over it. I found it took quite a while for these latest batch of mini polish's to dry, but I slapped on a coat of my .99 cent store Billie brand top coat and that helped alot. I found that taking photos in the gloomy weather to be a good thing with this color of polish, and the matte's I have recently acquired seem to capture the true color and finish with the gloomy-cloudy skies. This next photo, my ring finger does not have the Indulge Yellow - Just Maybelline Bamboo yellow - 2 coats - and a clear cheap TC. There are a few photo's scattered in this post with my MIDDLE FINGER without the Indulge TC.

~MIDDLE FINGER - 2 Coats of Bamboo Yellow - rest w/ 2 coats Indulge Yellow ~


~ 2 Coats of 'Bamboo Yellow' & 2 Coats Indulge Yellow ~

~ MIDDLE FINGER - 2 Coats of Bamboo Yellow - rest w/ 2 coats Indulge Yellow ~



Kae said...

That's very pretty, I didn't know Maybelline made a yellow. That Indulge looks great over it!

Olivia C. said...

Very pretty as well! I think it looks good alone and topped with the Indulge polish! :)

Tuli said...

This layering turned out so pretty. I think these two are really going great together :-)

Anonymous said...

I have 4 or 5 of the Maybelline Waters colors...
What do you want to know?

I could take pics of them, if you like...
(Didn't know anyone was interested!)

Anonymous said...

P.S. I am a Canadian blogger, just living in the US. =]

Lucy said...

I like the polish. Very pretty on you. Lucky your finding all these polishes.

clockwork said...

I like the way this looks on you, super cute yellow.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Thank you soooo much for all the comments =

Kae ~ I almost did not buy this, but I figured that if it was not pretty I could whip up some awesome greens with all my other recent antique maybelline polish's.

Olivia C. ~ That sheer yellow really adds something to this polish... its a little too harsh for me though.

Tuli ~ Thank you so much - This turned out pretty good!

Wixology ~ I sent a comment to you, too - just curious as to what this is supposed to look like.... Go Canada Whoo-hoo.

Lucy ~ yes - I am lucky = I am an avid bargain hunter.... I am spoiled now that I wont be able to pay regular price for nail polish, and I wont have to because I hope to franken "expensive" polish's I am in love with.

Clockwork ~ Thanks, I like how this Maybelline looks like butter or margarine...