Wednesday, June 3, 2009

♥ Maybelline - 'Bronze Aluminum' ♥

Maybelline Bronze Aluminum, 2 coats
Top Coat - Fast Forward by China Glaze 1 coat


Well, I went back to that rad bargain store to see what was left..... i had already bought like 15 polishes for $2.00 and $1.00 each, and so I figured there would be a few polishes that were picked over and lonely, waiting for me to rescue them... and they got a new shipment.... I am trying to not buy polish for a while, I have like 20 in my untried ... and now I added a few more. A quick post with swatches is coming up. I am obsessed with antique polishes right now. I am getting such a kick off of finding all these old Maybelline and Sally Hansen's'.

So in order to justify my falling off the wagon, -Ima-gonna-get-to-paintbox-&-post'n- Seriously, I think I have to stop going into those bargain stores, because I cannot resist these polish's. It took soooo much will power to not buy all the ones I wanted, and I am proud to say that I only walked out of there with 5 polish's. I found a bottle of Matte Maker, the top-coat that makes polish's matte. When I am 'over' the matte look, this will come in handy where I would use a clear top coat around the house for things like loose-threads, jewelery etc. It dried super-fast too.

Anyhoo- onto the photo's. This is an antique polish that i found in a rad bargain store in my town that I am totally staying away from........ It is a very pretty bronze foil. the color is leaning towards the rose-ey-bronze side outdoors in the sun, but shows a beautiful deep bronze indoors and in the shade. It took on alot of colors in various conditions, all were beautiful.

On my RING finger, I have used the Maybelline Matte Maker, the rest of my digits are 2 coats of CG Fast Forward. I had a hard time getting a good photo of the matte finish in the sun, ( of course ). Matte is pretty cool, does anyone remember when Maybelline came out with this Matte Maker?





Here is a montage of all my maybelline foil/aluminum and metallic polish's I have recently acquired and have posted on recently.

Top L - R = Violet Aluminum, Bronze Aluminum
Bottom L - R = Dee-Wine, Blue Aluminum

On my RING finger I have used 2 coats of the Matte Maker, In the sun it is not so noticeable, but in indoor lighting and in the shade you can really see the matte....



Mary said...

Don't stay away from the bargain store! I love all of the treasures you find and show us! I'm not helping any, am I :) Love that bronze shade though, very pretty.

Lucy said...

You are so lucky with that bargain store. Just think of the money you saved if you had to pay full price! I know I would have a devil of a time just leaving the store without buying it all. I love all the colors you've shown us. I like the montages. I like the shade on you. It's very pretty.

Unknown said...

I love this on you!

Robyn @ said...

I agree about not staying away from bargain stores; however, it is frustrating seeing you in all these gorgeous polish colors and not being able to have them for myself because they are not longer available. Probably a good thing for my pocketbook though. ;-)

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

~ Mary ~ I am only going there once a week, and am hoping someone else buys up the other ones I want desperately. I have little room to keep all my nail and make-up goodies.

~ Lucy ~ This is a really cool color, it reminds me of old metal statues...... I am grateful i am saving money. I am only picking up polish's that I do not have any similar color at home.... It is really hard because I do want them all.... The montages are good because sometimes i fell that i add too many photos.

~ Kitty ~ Thank-you, your blog is great and now Iknow what to pick up when I find NYC in my country.

~ Robyn ~ I know! it is super-duper hard. There is like 14 polish's that I want at that store, but really, I do not need them. I just want them. I am glad they are all 2 dollars though, because I am supposed to be cutting down on my acquiring of nail/make-up goodies, I have very little room to store it all at the moment.

I do stick to my girl-y stuff/make-up allowance though....