Thursday, June 11, 2009

♥ Indulge Mini's & .99 cent haul ♥

I had purchased 4 sets of the Indulge Beauty Trio's at walmart 2 months ago, I did swatch them but never really got around to wearing them or even posting the swatches I did...... here is a sample of these polish's layered over a black polish. These swatches are all 2 coats. I did find that these took a loooooong time to dry, way longer than the other batch of polish by this company. That could be from humidity and different conditions though. So far I have only heard of this brand being available in Canada. While they are very cute in their tiny lil' bottle, = they are extremely sheer, and I feel need to be layered over something.


At this rate I will have them all of this haul swatched out, in like, 2 years..... Honestly I am having a hard time not buying nail polish.... Thankfully this is my only "frivolous" expense... except for lip gloss...... I am not really into collecting anything else, and really enjoy finding all these "antique ' Nail Polishes and bargain nail polish's.....




These three mini nail polish's are from the Indulge Beauty 310-09 Tropical Triffle, That I picked up at walmart Canada for $2.57. They are all two coats over a cheap black base. Most of these polish have a really cool flak-i-ness to them..... I am not sure if 'Flakie" is the right word, and it definitely is not glitter.... What would be a proper description for these"pieces-of-something" in the polish....... hmmmmm. None of these polish's have names, they just have the name of the little trio they belong to.

At the end of my post is my latest .99 cent store haul.... soooooo happy. I picked up the rest of the scented polish's that I did not get last time...... I love that store, they get the cooolest stuff. I am sooooo proud that I only bought 6 polish's, (1 = a double). I also took a million more pictures of the new polish's I have acquired recently. I will put up a post on my 'antique' Maybelline - 'Bamboo Yellow' with the Indulge Yellow shown in this post, ====this evening when I have more time. For the rest of the day I am forcing myself to sew some projects I have left toooo long (bad girl) I need an assistant to help me with my blogg'in. I also swatched these new Billie's and will post how those look AND SMELL too!.

Onto the photos all outside-all enlargeable......




Velvet said...

I sooo know what your talking about! I keep buying nail poilsh too. And am really trying not to. I keep looking at my growing stash. Wondering how can I possibly wear all of it! I like how these Indulge polishes are small. Too bad my U.S. walmart doesn't sell these little guys. Very interesting...the different looks you can acquire with layering. I need an assistant! And crazy enough..I started another blog. To blog about daily life in! What am I thinking! Can't wait to see swatches of the Billie polishes.

elashaw said...

i bought those same ones from walmart my last trip into thunder bay!
i love how they look over the black, i'll have to try that! so far i haven't gotten around to trying any so far
have a great day! :)

Kae said...

Layering is so much fun! Can't wait to see the other swatches.

Nicole said...

Oooh, you come across the neatest stuff, I swear you do. I keep looking to see if any of my stores carry anything at all like your polishes you find at discount, but no such luck. These look gorgeous to me over the black base, I really like that!

Unknown said...

I love your haul! I want every Billie polish ever made lol!

Lucy said...

More Billie polish! I can't wait to see them. I like the Indulge polishes layered. Very pretty all of them.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments!

I was seriously ready to just buy the super-cheap mini polish's from Claire/icing ( the puppy & kitty pictures on them)...well = they are not really cheap, they are actually pretty expensive for the quality - they are not that great of a polish. = To use the bottles for frankening.

I did not expect much from these Indulge polish's, they are very pretty colors but dry slow for me, = using a quick dry top coat usually fixes that.

Velvet ~ I am only buying polish's that are under $5.00.... & i am blogging about these the most to encourage other people to check out weird/scary stores in their town where there may be a hidden stash of awesome bargain polish's

elashaw~ Let us know what you think - I like that these bottles are mini - but they take too long for me to dry - I do use a quick dry T.C. though, and that solves the problem.

Kae ~ Layering is an awesome way to prolong a mani - sometimes using polish remover too much, even a gentle one, can do an insane amount of drying damage to nails and cuticles.

Nicole ~ I have a heightend bargain shopping awareness, Its genetic, my mom is the best bargain shopper in Canada.

Kitty ~ I know this company needs to get their act together and start marketing..... they must sell their product at places people may not be looking.

Lucy ~ I know! I have only been surprised abut the glitters in a sheer base, they all looked the same. I am only trying to do my nails 3 times a week.... staying a way from nail polish remover.