Monday, June 8, 2009

♥ Lazi-ness - CG Sexy-in-the-City ♥

China Glaze 'Sexy In The City' 2 coats over 2 coats of Rimmel 'Mania'


So after wanting this for a few months I picked it up... on April 3rd..... I have worn this on my toes, ALOT I am wearing it right now.....but this is the first time I have worn this on my fingernails... {for 28 hours} ... wow. What a bad girl! I really, really wanted this one and now I have only gotten around to wearing it....2 months later!

Instead of taking my previous polish off, I have just slapped 2 coats of China Glaze " Sexy-in-the-City', over top of my Rimmel Mania from the weekend..... Hence the Title of this post. I will be busy sewing in the evening's tonight and tomorrow so my beautiful falsies must come off. This really is a beautiful polish ~ there is just a bit of green peeking out beneath for the Rimmel mania polish that I am wearing underneath. I found that this polish ' Sexy-in-the-City to be very very sheer and needs almost 4 coats to get to an acceptable opaque-ness for me, so it is definitely gonna be a polish for layering....... There is alot of pictures of this polish swatched on the interwebs, every single pic is beautiful.

My last picture is of the 2 most recent Maybelline Antique Polish I have purchased from the Rad bargain store in my town. Maybelline 'Emerald Water' and Maybelline 'Blackened Teal', which is exactly that... a blackened teal and looks soooo cool. I swatched these on an acrylic nail, and the blackened teal is really cool. Does anyone remember those watery... not jelly... polishes maybelline came out with in the late late 90's, they were soooo sheer. I wanted to try one back then but never did. This one 'Emerald Water' is pretty much a clear polish with a bit of color... I did 3 coats and it is ridiculously sheer. I purchased this to possibly thin out the recent antique polish's I have that are in the blue/green family and are a little thick....


{ All my outdoor photos are under gloomy, cloudy skies with lots of rain... (* sad-face *) I did go out in public with two different polish's on my nails.... I n the background of my indoor pic's is a pineapple top and I was looking forward to use this as a prop for my awesome antique 'Bamboo Yellow' from Maybelline this week but that ain't gonna happen as I am not wearing that polish without some sunshine......}







Unknown said...

I love this on you looks great! My Sis went to the dollar store And found me 6 Maybelline's! She got me the Blackened Teal just today! Plus Two mattes! and Shooting Stars!

Lucy said...

Very pretty. I don't have any sun either. It just finished thundering, lightening and pouring rain. Supposed to be like this all week. Where is the sun!

aileen said...

Hi! thanks for adding me to your blog roll! <3
I wish my nails were like yours! Your nails look sooo pretty!

Tuli said...

Deez I just can't help it with all of your latest green/blue polishes ! You pick such a wonderful colors :-)

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments ~

B said...

I love the water effect. How freakin' cool is that? This color looks beautiful on your nails...both actually!