Saturday, June 13, 2009

♥ Billie - Scented Polish's ♥

~ L to R ~ Bubble Gum, Blueberry, Strawberry, Grape, Watermelon, Cherry, scented, pretty yummy actually.


So while I am trying desperately to NOT BUY ANY MORE FRICKEN NAIL POLISH, I popped into my favorite store, The .99 cent store in my town Brandon, Manitoba Canada, and they got a whole bunch of the beautiful Billie Nail polish, more of the neon's, the glitters, and the scented polish, thankfully, because I only had Grape and Blueberry. Why are these nail polish's just .99 cents? They are friken RAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They dry fast, they don't smell bad, etc..... I can easily go for a while without buying ANY MORE NAIL POLISH but at .99 cents, how could I not.


I am gonna write this company again, why don't they distribute more down to the U.S. This product is made in the U.S. so whyyyyyyyy? Actually, I worry that maybe this is the Twilight Zone and they are all really a clear nail polish and I am only 'seeing' the colors 'I want to see' (moo-ahhh-ha-ha-ha-ha) I am extremely grateful that the lady who runs this shop orders these, who knows, there are probably tonnes of products just waiting to be ordered at any one shop in the world but they are not ordered.... hmmmmmmm. They dont seem to have any toxic waste in the formula so whats up?


I eventually will take photos of these in the shade and indoors, and do full mani's.....just in case any other Canadian Chicks want to buy these but are not sure of the colors/qualities etc.. I did a post about the company that distributes this Billie Brand, Williams Direct Marketing, you can always Google it, they used to have pictures on their website of these polish's but they took them off (weirdz). I must buy them all, at .99 cents how can I not. My 12 year old self would smack me silly if I didn't.


Here is a few swatches I took yesterday of just my pinky finger. I switched to a clear acrylic nail, not the usual thick opaque cream colored ones that I usually use. ( there not pure white). It has definitely made a difference in that I need 3 to 4 coats to get to bottle color with most polish's instead of my usual 2. I am going to try and take swatches with a clear nail, as this most mimics our natural nails - { but will require more coats on my part}. These are all in the full sun. This recent batch dries very fast as always, and all have a light yummy scent. I think all nail polish's should be scented ( already, geez !!!!! )


Some of these polish only required two coats, but I cannot remember which ones..... Sorry! All my photos are outside, out of the direct sun shine. I cannot even say when I will get around to doing full mani's with these. Hopefully soon ♥


~Billie Bubble Gum scented polish 3 coats ~

~Billie Blueberry scented polish 3 coats ~

~Billie Cherry scented polish 3 coats ~

~Billie Grape scented polish 3 coats ~

~Billie Strawberry scented polish 3 coats ~

~Billie Water Melon scented polish 3 coats ~


sweet_little_angel said...

Wow, I'm surprised the colours look great for just a dollar store nail polish! I actually have the clear one, but I haven't seen any of their colours lately. I'll probably start hunting for these, the colours are awesome!

Tuli said...

These are so cool !! My parents are in Canada now and I've bagged my mom to find and bring me some Billies, after I saw them in your blog - I really hope she'll find some to bring me (I think they are in Calgary) :-)
And I just sorry I didn't know about those scented ones before they'd left, so I can ask these too - they all look such a great polishes, great color and...great price :-) I wish she'd buy me some !

Skye said...

why dont they have funki stuff like this in aus =( love the colours and beautiful nails

Nicole said...

I swear it, you find the neatest dirt cheap stuff! Totally jealous. These are no exception, I really like all those shades you snagged! :P

Kae said...

Oh wow those are so pretty! And scented to boot, yum yum. What a great find at your dollar store :D

Natalie said...

Ahh! I was soo looking for those! i like their neons hehe :)

Unknown said...

I'm gonna have to make my mom drive with me to canada! So I can get some of these! I'll map out all the dollars stores lol!

Lucy said...

I can't stand it, you found more Billie polishes!I would buy every one I could find. Doesn't make sense that they aren't sold in the US. Boo hoo! I'm glad that you have access to them and can get some nice polishes cheap. I love all the colors. Can't wait to see the rest.

Anonymous said...

I love ALL the ones you posted here! OMG GORGEOUS!

and sadly...I went to that one store I had gotten my limited few from..and they don't sell billie polish anymore~!! :( So I have to try and hunt down somewhere that does, otherwise try and get my brother to hunt them down from New brunswick.

ps I haven't forgotten about swatching Ruby...just haven't worn a full set in awhile...
it has gold shimmery in it, which looks gorgeous in the sun, which is why I love it...and wish I had more of now :T lol

Wendolin said...

OMG, i'm in love with these! Any chance you would pick these up for me and ship them to me in Holland? :) I could pay you through Paypal! They're just soooooo beautiful!!

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Thanks everyone for the comments ~ I do hope I inspire people to check out weird/scary stores ... just bring a body guard if you are venturing into unknown neighborhoods... please.

sweet_little_angel ~ I love the clear polish, I think its aids in drying polish too.....

Tuli ~ I hope that your parents bring you back some cool Canadian stuff!

Nailz-In-Aus ~ I know ... there is alot of things that other nail bloggers are finding in the U.S.A. at Big Lots and Dollar Tree that is driving me nuts! I am soooo jealous of them.

Nicole ~ I am always on the hunt for bargains. especially Nail Polish.

Kae ~ I was shocked when they got these in the store. so of course I had to buy them all.

Natalie ~ I harass the ladies that work at the store I find all these Billies... those ladies are sooo sweet to me. They generally get a nail polish shipment evry 1 and a half months, and they sell out soooo fast!

Kitty ~ you have posted epic hauls.... I love your blog!

Lucy ~ These might be available in the U.S. I have seen one on Nail Gal.....

Rasilla ~ I saw the sample you did thank you, That is really pretty, it is from the 'Princess Collection' (I think ) That company used to have swatches on their website.

Wendolin ~ I don't have a paypal - The next time they come in though I am picking up extras and I will see what I can do?