Monday, June 29, 2009

♥ Billie - 'Blueberry' ♥

~ Billie 'Blueberry' Scented polish 3 coats & 1 coat of Billie 'Clear' T.C. ~


So here is a polish I bought 1 FULL FRIGGEN YEAR AGO, and have just gotten around to wearing it now... that is sad. This is 3 coats with 1 coat of a clear top coat. After painting and cleaning up my nails, I swung my hand into the back of a chair and totally fudged up my index.... nail stickers to the rescue! This polish smells like berry liquorish. It is a very, very light blue, I would say a white with a hint of blue. Again, I am not really sure what to call this finish. A frost/Perle with tremendous glass like shine... but some polish brush streaking, which is fine - I think it is only noticeable when viewed very up close.

~ Full Sun ~

~ Shade ~



Lucy said...

I really couldn't see the blue till I enlarged the picture. It's really a pretty shade. I like the nail stickers. They sure came in handy. Those Billie polishes are amazing.

sweet_little_angel said...

Ooooo, Billie polishes are SOO PRETTTTYYY!!! And so COLOURFUL!!! I think I used to see these Billie nail polishes in the dollar stores but I haven't seen them lately... it's weird. The only one I have is the clear one, and it's almost done. I wished I got a hold of the other colours, I assumed that they weren't opaque. But their GORGEOUS!

I learned my lesson: never judge a nail polish by it's bottle.

Kae said...

I love this color on you! The sticker is a very cute touch.

Natalie said...

I like the color its very pretty! Everyone keeps saying they have seen the billie polishes at dollar stores but I cant find them :(

Mary said...

I like that very much! Such a delicate shade. I love the Billie polishes you show, even though I don't think we have them here, they're great to look at :)

Shannon said...

What a gorgeous colour - it looks amazing on you! Sure wish my $ store had Billie polishes.

Κερασία said...

Love it on you!

Unknown said...

This is so cool! Scented polish is awesome!

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Thanks for all the comments! I have been M.I.A due to a horrible cold... I cannot think strait!

Lucy ~ It was really hard to get the blue on camera...... It is a really lovely shade. Always right before I take photos do I wreck my nails! Dang!

sweet_little_angel ~ I wasn't even going to try them either, but I thought hey - why not for .99 cents... I am very happy with these and am sad that they are not readily available everywhere....

"never judge a nail polish by it's bottle" is very, very true!

Kae ~ Nail stickers are awesome to have around when you mess up you nails!

Natalie ~ Keep hunting, and if you find other old/weird/scary brands, it never hurts to try one, if it is horrible you have a bottle for frankens (sometime's with the little ball inside to boot )

Mary ~ That is a perfect description for off whites and light colored polish's = delicate. This brand is made in the U.S. I wonder if ti is bottled under a different brand name?

Shannon ~ I have found awesome things shopping at dollar stores in Ontario... Burlington and T.O.

tspipa ~ Thanks It is a pretty shade... not my favorite finish, though.

Kitty ~ I wish that this was as highly scented as the grape one I bought from last year ( I guess someone fell asleep at the ' Nail Polish Scent Deposit Machine' at the Billie Nail Polish Factory.