Saturday, May 16, 2009

~♥~ Indulge - 'Fuschia' -~♥~


Two more to go with this batch of Indulge Mini's... Then I can get to my next Indulge Mini's haul I found at walmart recently....That is about the only thing I buy there now...... weird/Odd Nail polish. In my region, I do not find the prices comparable to local grocery stores or drug stores = So I stop in once a week and go right to the cosmetic section.



Here is Indulge Beauty 'Fuchsia' from the 'Berry Trio' from Walmart in CANADA. On my INDEX finger, is a coat of Sally Hansen 'Radish' the rest of my digits are just 2 coats of Indulge Beauty 'Fuchsia', and a clear top coat. I am extremely proud of my super-duper close up (third pic from bottom) its pretty-dang clear & close! Any-hoo, on to the photo's.... 

MIDDLE finger = 1 coat of a deep dark polish; Sally Hansen `Radish` then 2 coats of Indulge Beauty = 'Fuchsia'. I am happy with these polish's as their beauty really comes out when layered over a dark base.... On there own they are just a pretty


I actually just popped in walmart to see if they had any of the older ones I bought a few months ago on clearance. I thought this would be a one time thing with this brand,
'Indulge Beauty'. So I was super happy to find that they are restocking and adding a new color selection. So hopefully I CAN GET MY TINY-MINI NAIL POLISH BOTTLE FIX, without having to jump on a plane to the Depend head-quarters in Sweden or where-ever it is.




Also, this is my first yellow polish...... EVER, I am not gonna commit to buying a full size bottle as I doubt that I would get good use out of it. I have seen some beautiful yellows out there, but I am not sure if it something I would wear more than once.



clockwork said...

It's really something special when layered with the Radish too.

Lucy said...

I love this shade. Looks so pretty on you. Your pictures are always so clear and nice. I love the layering. I always forget to try that.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

I looooove layering. In this instance it created a completely different color ( one that i do not own already so i saved $$$$)

Last year I was sooooo over girl-y pink/purple shades, and just stuck to dark greens and blues.... now when I wear polish like this color it lifts my mood!

Fuchsia is a lively feminine color = perfect for toes..