Wednesday, June 24, 2009

♥ Billie - 'Orange' = T.O.T.M-W.♥

Ha, ha-ha,the photo above and the one below are awesome shot's that I got with my camera on the 'Party' setting. Seriously though, this is what this polish looks like in low lighting. I freaked my self out walking into a darkened room in my home because I caught a flash of my toes-ies out of the corner of my eye and did not realize what it was right away!!!!!!

You can check out a mani I did a couple of moths ago with this polish HERE

Finally someone else in the polish world tried this. I have only seen this polish once on nail gal - Billie 'Royal', a super dark vampy red, and another blogger kindly swatched a polish I do not have from Billie - 'Ruby'... How am I ever gonna buy polish's for regular price now? Even CG at $3.99 isn't exciting me - ( well, maybe 'Solar Power' ). I hope that the company that makes these 'Billie' polish branches out a bit more, possibly to the U.S. ( then we can get Pure Ice up here ♥ )

This is Billie 'Orange' with two coats of a richly pigmented white ( also Billie Brand ) and 2 coats of Billie Orange followed by 2 coats of a clear top coat... Billie, - .... (seriously I don't work for them, but, if I did I would have like 3 of each color).... I cannot get over how inexpensive these are and how friggen bright some of them are. I am hoping my favorite discount store in my town will get a shipment of plain white soon, so I can got to town frankening these neon's so I will not have to have 5 layers of polish. However - despite the 5 layers this dried relatively fast. I painted my nails outside today, which turned out to not be so good as there is still ALOT of fine, fine bits of dust floating around.... which ended up sealed forever into my pedi (well till Friday)

The rest of these photos are outside, I find neons photograph best in the shade. I have paired my toes & the bottle with polish everyone seems to have, or that there are 1 million photos of across the interwebs China Glaze 'For Audry' and 'Spontaneous'. I have also kindly colored over my toe fur.... I am not ready to show the world my hairy toes.

I have a serious problem that despite finding polish's for .99 cents and $2.00, all in cool & pretty colors and decent quality, I still want more and more, and more. What is wrong with me?

~ Shade ~

~ Sun ~

~Indoors - camera on 'party' setting ~


Nicole said...

That is bright and gorgeous and a great toenail color! I love it! Really grabs the attention. You find the absolute best colors - I would love to stumble across these!

Unknown said...

I just love these Billie's! Don't worry your totally normal..... at least in my book you are! he he!

Skye said...

i love this colour it look ermm juicy like a orange hehehehe looks g0rjuz

Brooke said...

I just painted my toenails with this last night too, lol! We are twinkies today!! Of course I had to add some CG- Fairy Dust to mine - I love the sparkle!

Lucy said...

Those polishes are so exciting to look at. Love your tootsies! How beautiful and bright. Please company head of Billie, send them to the US! Thanks as always for all the pictures. I love the hearts on your toes. Totally normal.

Natalie said...

I tagged you for an award! :)

Yumeko said...

tats an amazing color
i never thought i'd be leeming for orange polish !!!

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Thank you soooo much for all the lovely comments - This polish is something else.... I am glad that Brooke has used it and modeled it for us.

Nicole ~ Honestly when I first saw these I thought they would be not so good, but I absolutely love these polish's, I am spoiled now = because I just wait till the shop gets a new shipment and hardly buy other polish's anymore (sort-of)

Kitty ~ I am thankful to hear that - I cannot say when I will be satisfied of buying cool nail polish.

Nailz-In-Aus ~ It is something else, Using a white polish under any polish really, gives a real boost to the polish. it is amazing how a plain and boring polish can look over a solid white or black...... it makes a huuuuuge difference.

Brooke ~ This polish on my toes is something else. My husband did a double take and couldn't believe that this was a nail polish.

Lucy ~ Ha-ha-ha I did not want the world to see my hairy toes! I wish I had better photo-shop skills and I would have airbrushed them out! They do need to get these polishs to the U.S. = ASAP!

Natalie ~ Thank you sooo much I love your blog and all your nail art!

Yumnko ~ I know! I thought that oranges and yellows were awful colors for a nail polish... but after seeing Bring-on-the-Blings Orange skittelz = I want some creamy (less shocking) oranges to add to my collection.